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Keep all your flights stored in the app and benefit from a complete overview of your trips. Your personal trip assistant offers real-time relevant information and you can stay up to date with flight related notifications. Check in, change or reserve your seat and receive your boarding pass – all this can be done quickly and easily in the trip assistant during your journey.

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All services at your fingertips. Customise your trip to fit your needs:

Offers by country of departure
Book flights and rental cars
Overview of booked flights
Choose your seat and purchase additional baggage
Present your mobile boarding pass directly out of the app – even offline

Personal profile

Use your Travel ID or Miles & More login and benefit from personalised services. In your profile you can edit your personal details and use our mobile services even more conveniently and quickly.

More services

The Austrian App offers many more services and useful information such as flight status, contact details, and more.

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Austrian user reviews :

Overall a good app with the functionality you would expect. It had a hard time dealing with a bid upgrade flight, it couldn’t really decide if we were economy or business, regarding luggage and other details. So some work is required to iron out some minor details. Some work could be done to increase the speed at which data is refreshed, but that might just be slow infrastructure.

Worthless app and webpage. Always error messages and different stupid issues. For example, to get a receipt I have to go to a specific page and state the “ticket number” and name. Seems ok, apart from the fact that in none of the documentation I have recieved is this number written. I have the booking number but that of course doesn´t work. On another occation my flight was delayed and I got an SMS that i could use €7 credit to get some food at the airport, but everything was closed…

The app need significant improvement regarding chat and assistance, also the form for check in is looking different then rest of the application. Rebooking is not intuitive. UX is pretty basic and poorly planned. I suggest them to invest more resources in usability testing.

The app works great. Pushes notification regarding your bookings and updates information in real time. Seat changes and upgrades are updated immediately on the screen. It’s also very easy to use. Only issue I had was contacting the support as nobody would pick up the call.

I like this Austrian airlines app compared with other airline’s, feel so great about it. thanks and keep it up!!!

Not being able to download or email the boarding passes is major oversight. Otherwise nice app.

Very far from good. Flight search function is rather erratic, almost impossible to buy a return flight, will have at least one error during the flight selection process. Can’t find and/or display the downloaded boarding passes. Almost zero self-care rebooking etc. functions, need to go to webpage to do anything like that. There are few really good airline apps, but this below the average. Have a look at the KLM App, guys!

Too many bugs! For example, after a few minutes, even if the app is running (showing my boarding pass), app exits my profile and I have to enter my entire email address and my (too long and complicated, because it does not allow for a short and simple password) password again. Also, really annoying, it does not remember my passport data, although I always check the “save my passport” AND I got it manually saved in my profile!!

Best Airlines App I used so far. Trip overview and boarding pass access are solved so nicely. I wish every airline would solve it this good. Thank you!!! I’m using it already on my second trip, and it’s just flawlessly working for me.

Making a booking, aelwcting destinations could be improved. I would like to see the dates available for the selected destination – highlughted, not shoot randomly on the calendar. Also, if I want to see all the cities to where they fly directly, I can’t. I have to type in a name of a city and then wait to see.

All the basic things needed on the go, like web check in and mobile boarding pass work fine. Much improved in the past year. Booking or other things I prefer to do on a desktop with larger screen with any airline. But the one time I booked over the app everything worked fine.

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