Auto Hero – The monsters will no longer have a place to hide

[Game] Auto Hero

Auto Hero  You are a fan of the shooting game, love the fiery gun battles with heavy weapons, this game is for you.

Auto Hero is a side-scroller and 2D platform battle shooting game that combines gameplay with auto shooting, players only need to navigate the character’s movement, the firing is completely automatic, the monsters will no longer have a place to hide.

Participating in this side-scroller game, you will play as a muscular commando gunmans with a powerful gunfire, evil monsters with challenging missions to upgrade into a super hero. Monsters after each challenge will become stronger, if our hero cannot level up, it will be a great danger to humanity.


Playing gunfire games offline without internet, 2D platform battle easy to play
The auto shooting gameplay is easy to control, players just need to control the gunmans to move aim to dodge bullets from the enemy
150 tough battle missions to test the courage of all soldier
Fight with hundreds of different types of monsters, do you dare to accept this challenge?
140 types of weapons with tremendous destructive power

Move control helps your super soldier dodge attacks from enemies
Each time your enemy is down, the hero will receive coins and gems, this is an effective tool to upgrade your soldier strength
Collect the super warrior puzzle pieces, new heroes will gradually reveal
Collect all the quest stars of mission to save the world

Don’t wait any longer, join Auto Hero and enjoy one of the most amazing offline games 2D auto gunfire shooting.

Auto Hero user reviews :

I love the new graphics. But, game is extremely glitchy. Slow or no response. Getting stuck on corners. Revive commercials not working (have to watch 2-3 to get my character to revive). Definitely want to keep playing. But its missing some of the fun the original presents…
  • Angles Game Studio
  • Chúng tôi thành thật xin lỗi vì đã mang lại trải nghiệm trong game không tốt đến với bạn. Chúng tôi sẽ sửa lỗi này trong thời gian tới và gửi đến bạn một trải nghiệm chơi game tốt nhất. Để biết thêm thông tin chi tiết bạn hãy theo dõi tại Fanpage: và Discord: nhaaaa
Edited to 3 stars. Game is annoying. Money is scarse. Lvling in dungeon pretty low. Too manyyyyyyyy useless powerups. Not to mention the looting of items is damn zero. Will give it atleast a day or two more. Then ill come back and edit again. Hero damage super tiny compared to my almost 2 hits life from the enemy.
  • Angles Game Studio
  • We are glad that you enjoy the game. We will do our best to deliver constant updates for the game. Your experience is what we value the most. If you have any problems or recommendations, please contact us at our Fanpage: or Discord:
Was enjoying this game and decided to buy a battle pass, that was until I made a second purchase of 5000 gems and didn’t get a single one of them, if this issue is resolved before the end of the current battle pass season I will re-rate at 5 stars.
  • Angles Game Studio
  • Hello, Wolf, we are so sorry for the inconvenience you have met. Please contact us at: We will try our best to support your case, sir!
Were to even begin with this one one this is the exact same game as mr Autofire or is this made before idc but one the controls randomly just stop working for no reason like if u want to go down sometimes it just doesn’t want to go down. Im am going to check which game is old before i go and as this is a reskin of the other game but literally the 2 boss on world 2 are the exact same but reskin to not look like the boss for the other game at least try come on?Ok update this came out ather 1 year
  • Angles Game Studio
  • Thank you for spending time with Auto Hero! If you have any problems or recommendations, please contact us at our Fanpage: or Discord:
I really enjoyed this game but my biggest complaint was that the controls seemed cut out sometimes. It seems more likely to happen during boss battles or when a lot of projectiles are in the air.
  • Angles Game Studio
  • Thanks for your feedback! We deeply respect your advice, and we will try to combine your feedback with our R&D, in order to provide better products. Please contact us at to get further information

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