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[Game] Royal Breaker – Ball Blast 3D

Royal Breaker  Welcome to the Ball Blast 3D puzzle adventure!

Explode obstacles and use amazing boosters to beat joyful and challenging levels! Royal Breaker is filled with thousands of challenging brick breaker fun puzzles! Shoot balls and crush all the bricks to beat levels and unlock new chapters!

Blast bricks and get powerful boosters to pass brick crusher levels. Solve puzzles and explore the castle!

Game Features:

Complete tons of challenging levels to unlock the King’s Castle!
Play with unique targets in each level and conquer entertaining obstacles!
Collect coins and special rewards in bonus levels!
Use magic boosters to blast your way to the next level!
Collect coins by completing levels to win awesome rewards!
Sync your game progress seamlessly between your phone and tablets!
Easy to play but challenging to master!

How To Play:

Tap on the screen, then slide your finger to find the right angle.
Shoot the balls to crush all the bricks and obstacles on the screen.
Achieve level targets by solving unique puzzles of each level.
Unlock new chapters as you advance along the way.

Join the exciting adventure and have a breaker fun blast now!

Royal Breaker user reviews :

Great game, however it has way way to many ads. I really enjoy the game. But seriously an ad between every board, amd sometimes in the middle of the game. And it gives the option to add 50 more balls, well I have done this time amd time again, and always have to watch ad which I’m ok with watching an ad for some extra balls. However after watching ad I receive NO extra balls at all. So there for a total waste of time. I think they only do it to get ad’s watched, but yet again I receive NO BALLS
  • King Bear Studio
  • Sorry for the issue you had with the game. Could you reach us via “support” or email in the game? So we can get more detail info to identify the issue more quickly and solve it. Thank you!
The way this game is described is inaccurate. There is no “save the king” or decorate. This game is enjoyable to play, but the description is MISLEADING which was what made me want to play in the 1st place. It’s just a brick breaker game…no frills like solve puzzle and no decorations, which was disappointing for me.
  • King Bear Studio
  • Thank you for the suggestion! The new feature is already under development and will be added to future updates soon. Please stay tuned

The game is fun to play but so far all the rescuing the king episodes that I downloaded the game for have not materialized. We shall see if that was just made up to get you to download the game. It’s pretty disappointing but I’m seeing this with other games too

I love this game, just getting tired of waiting for new levels. How long do we have to wait? I finished the newest levels over two weeks ago, new levels need to be added faster. If I don’t have new levels by April 4th, I’m deleting this game even though I love playing it.
  • King Bear Studio
  • Thanks for reaching out! We just updated a new version to add new levels today! We hope you can give it a try and update it to the new version through Play Store.
Very decent skin on the old brick busting game with various powerups and special bricks – you will recognize the game immediately. But, the nicer graphics do make it more enjoyable to play.. I only gave it 4 stars because although it is the first nice-looking version, there is nothing innovative about the gameplay.
  • King Bear Studio
  • Thank you for the suggestions! We’ll take it into consideration in future updates to bring a better game experience to our players.
It wasn’t quite like the ad, but it’s a LOT of fun. lots of prizes, good gameplay and enough challance to not be boring. this one is a keeper!
  • King Bear Studio
  • Thank you for the kind words and support! Hope you keep having fun with the game.
game is cute some harder levels, but I will never understand the games that will save coins in a piggy bank that you have to pay $ for to get them. if I’m winning the games to get the extra coins why should I have to pay!!!! Will uninstall before ever paying to play a game.
  • King Bear Studio
  • Sorry to hear you are not fully satisfied with the game. Please understand that the coins added to your Piggy Bank are extra savings, they are not taken away from your level rewards. The Piggy Bank is not free, it only gives you a chance to buy coins at a great price.
I really like this game. There’s not a lot of ads, the graphics are very good, and the levels aren’t super difficult. It’s a great game to pass time.
  • King Bear Studio
  • Hello there, we appreciate your feedback. We are happy to hear your interest in playing Breaker Fun.

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