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AutomateitAutomateit : Simplify your life with a smarter smartphone

AutomateIt is designed to make your life easier by automating various tasks on your Android device.

Define a set of your desired behaviors in response to events on your Android device.
Each behavior/rule is defined as a pair of Trigger-Action listed below.

“If you need your phone to adopt some autonomy, you can’t go wrong here” –
“sometimes I’d like my phone to do stuff all on its own. It’s an Android after all” –
“AutomateIt Is a Simple and Free Android Automation Tool” –
“It’s truly an amazing app” –
See more reviews links and some useful tips & tricks on developer’s website.

Currently supports the following triggers:
• Any SMS Trigger – Triggers on SMS received
• SMS With Text Trigger – Triggers on receipt of SMS Message with a specific text
• Battery Level Trigger – Triggers on a defined battery level
• Bluetooth State Enabled/Disabled
• Bluetooth Device Connected – Any device or specific device
• Incoming/Hang Call – Any call or from a specific contact
• Headset Plugged/Unplugged Trigger
• Location Trigger – Arriving/Exiting a defined region
• External Power Connected/Disconnected
• Screen On/Off
• Wi-Fi Enabled/Disabled
• Connected to Wi-Fi network – Any network or a specific network
• Time Trigger – recurring time events
• Background data settings changed – enabling or disabling the background data setting
• GPS Enabled Changed – GPS Activated/Deactivated and started/stopped looking for current location
• SMS from contact
• USB Connected/Disconnected Trigger
• Airplane Mode Activated/Deactivated
• Dock State Trigger – Docked to Car/Desk
• Application Status Trigger – Triggers when selected application activated or deactivated
• Outgoing call – all calls or calling specific contact
• Sound Mode Changed to Silent/Vibrate/Normal
• Boot Trigger – triggers on device startup (assuming service starts on boot)
• Manual Trigger – Requires user explicit execution of this trigger
• Cell ID Trigger – Trigger when connecting or disconnecting from defined cellular cells (Limited functionality – only allows saving a single set of cells as pre-defined location)
• NFC Trigger – use NFC tags to launch rules

Currently supports the following actions:
• Notification – Shows notification on notification bar
• Play Sound – Plays selected sound
• Set Bluetooth State – Enabled/Disabled
• Set Sound Mode – Silent / Vibrate / Normal(With/Without Vibrate)
• Set Speakerphone State – Turn on/off
• Set Volume – Sets volume of all streams or a specific stream
• Set Wi-Fi Adapter State – Enabled/Disabled
• Start Application
• Enable/Disable other rules
• Vibrate action
• Enable/Disable Data Connectivity action – [NOT supported on some devices – see why on developer website]
• Kill Application [Requires Root – see why on developer website]
• Launch Home Screen
• Activate/Deactivate Airplane mode
• Enable/Disable GPS [Supported for Android version prior to 2.3 and MOST rooted devices. Not supported for ICS]
• Enable/Disable Sync Data [Supported for Android version prior to 2.3 and MOST rooted devices. Not supported for ICS]
• Set Mobile Data – Enable/Disable Mobile Data
• Set Screen Brightness – Automatic or specific value
• Enable/Disable screen automatic rotation
• Dial Phone Number
• Send SMS to phone number
• Set screen timeout (Including “Never” turn off)
• Shutdown device [Requires Root]
• Text-to-Speech – Say defined text
• Reboot [Requires Root]

• There is no limitation on the number of rules you can define

Want to AutomateIt with your own language ? visit hzzp://
Currently supports English, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Polish, Danish, French, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Chinese, Hungarian and Russian.

Automateit user reviews :

Interface is friendlier and intuitive than some other Automate apps… I wish triggers called multiple actions. If there’s a way to do it, I don’t see it, other than creating multiple items with the same trigger and then assigning different actions. I’d like it all in one package. Keep expanding and you’ll take Tasker for sure. Great design!

I downloaded this to automatically toggle Bluetooth upon external power connection. But I love the find phone and lost phone rules that you can make. Would love to see a kill app action soon.

Update :

New Trigger: Activity Recognition – an EXPERIMENTAL trigger that detects when you are in a car, on a bicycle, on foot or standing still
You can now decide if you want a popup message per rule and not only as a global setting
Have you visited our forums ? –
Updated translation
Stability improvements and bug fixes
More details at


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