Space Leaper Cocoon – Discover the secrets hidden in the depths of the universe

[Game] Space Leaper Cocoon

Space Leaper Cocoon Oooohhh, my pretties!

This is a meowsage from the Cocoon
Please read the following document claw-fully, no exception, not even if you’re really pretty!
Announcer: Doranana ”

Mysterious meowsage decrypting nya-ow!

Fur-midable Rogue-like Gameplay!
Go on randomly generated adventures and discover the secrets hidden in the depths of the universe. But remember, you have to share them with me-ow! Complete the corresponding talent tree each season to claw your way up the rankings and unlock more ways to explore, then maybe you’ll be on my level. Just maybe.

Paw-Some Pixelated Retro Graphics!
Enter a pixel purr-fect 2D-world and meet the cutest characters, like me! Experience the beauty of reduction as our 3D-World transform through a Leap in Space, don’t be scared, I’ve done this journey many times nya-ow!

Pretties, Cutties Everywhere!
Beauties from all claw-ners of the galaxy! I’m not kitten around, paw-sitively the cutest. What are you waiting fur? But remember, when get here you have to take meow-t first!

Cross-Platform E-mew-lator!
Paw-thentic mobile experience for the experienced leaper, when you always need to have your pretties within reach, I know how you feel! The mobile experience available on every screen, experience the furr-miliar gameplay regardless of what device you have!

Space Leaper Cocoon user reviews :

this games amazing, the combat is fairly simple and most of the strategy comes from how you setup your units, the art style/ui is very nice, and the characters are also pretty unique. the biggest issue I have is some of the tutorials don’t explain some modes well enough but they’re still pretty easy to pick up so it’s not too big of a deal. smaller issues I have are some menus are a bit hard to scroll vertically on and battery drain seems to be a bit of an issue.

AMAZING game that I recommend to anyone who likes gacha and/or strategy games. The style of gameplay is really unique and flows wonderfully, and combined with the cast of bright, lovely characters, it’s a blast. The game does a great job of explaining things, which is helped by parts of the menu unlocking over time. Of course, the game is new, and there are a few rough spots. UIs are cluttered, and the game has connectivity issues at times. Overall, the pros REALLY outweigh the cons though.

  • We’re glad to hear that you’re having a good time playing the game! We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Your valuable feedback helps us in continuing to offer a great gaming experience!

I love the game it is magnificent for many reasons such as, the graphics, the game play is both challenging yet also simplistic, the many features make the game feel new but not repetitive, it’s also nice how you don’t have to wait hours to resume playing like other games, just to name a few reasons. But I suggest that you add it so us players can be able to change the time in the game because it’s 6 hours ahead for me. If you don’t add the mechanic I suggested I understand and good job!

The art and animation is colorful and attractive! The voice acting is some of the best English wise I’ve heard in a gacha, I love it and there’s plenty of lines. Unfortunately, the gameplay is a bit confusing and abilities are hard to understand. Tutorials stretch though they’re not very clear. I really enjoy the character put into this game, it makes it less boring and gives you a reason to play.

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We’re happy that you are having fun with the game. Thanks to your feedback we can continue to improve the game to offer the best experience possible.

Incredible character design, the girls are all insanely cute. This is pretty good for an auto game too, HOWEVER it’s incredibly broken- like on multiple occasions straight up won’t let you in the game. I don’t get why this keeps happening but the fact that it’s recurring is enough. I even tried looking up the official accounts of the game to see if there was something I was missing (like maintenance or something) but no nothing. And no one is saying anything about this in the reviews

  • Hello dear Proxy, we are immensely happy with your feedback. We love to hear how much you are enjoying the game. If there are any suggestions or new feedback, we’d love to hear more from you! To keep an eye out for new updates and events, join our Discord channel: =]

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