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[Game] Baby Panda Home Stories

Baby Panda Home Stories   Welcome to Baby Panda’s home. Here, you will work with Baby Panda to help every family member and create a harmonious family environment. Make breakfast for Dad, prepare a cake for Mom, and clean up the fish tank… Create sweet home stories together!

At Baby Panda’s home, you can play freely and interact with your favorite family members!

Wash up the Pet
The dog is so dirty after a whole day playing! Come and help wash up the dog! Cover the dog with foam and rinse with water! Be careful, the dog is shaking off the water. Don’t be splashed! This is a story about love!

Make Breakfast at Home
What do you want to add onto the freshly baked bread? Salad or jam? Bacon or lettuce? Kiwi slice or banana slice? With egg and milk, the delicious breakfast is ready! This is a story about cooking!

Celebrate Birthday
Mom’s birthday is coming. The whole family plans to give Mom a birthday surprise! Pick a bunch of flowers! Change the tablecloth, put on the candles and eat the cake together! This is a story about surprise!

Take Care of the Little Sister
The little sister’s hair is messy. Help her comb the hair, put on a small hair clip, and braid the hair in a cute pigtail! Share the snacks and stickers with the little sister and complete the puzzle with her. This is a story about sharing!

Do not forget to take a family photo after completing the tasks! One, Two, Three, Cheese! Click! One more photo for another background!


Six family stories: Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, the little sister and the pets!
Create sweet home stories and give full play to the imagination.
Loving interactions with family members to promote parent-child communications.
Designed specifically for kids, easy to use.

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Baby Panda Home Stories user reviews :

Wow! I was having so much fun playing this game! I love this it teaches kids good habits, Helping Each other. It’s nice! I really recommend this game please download this your kids will enjoy this game it’s very good! You all should try this out! You are missing out all the fun! But if u did download it Good job!

I think this game is great for kids and for learning the game is also very cute and it also helps kids/teach kids to learn and help their parents and also help other people so i would totally reccomend this game it is very good so download it(but only if you want to) Keep up the good work!

I think it’s a great game for kids and we can learn how to help elders and respect them

Very enjoyable home stories about home home which is a good home it’s a good game to play weak and enjoyable forever and ever

This game is super and kids learn many things from it, so download this game play and enjoy

Good game but wish there was a cousin since theres a brotger and sister and more animal choices

I’m 13 years old and i still play these game i highly recommend this app It is the best app for kids

I love this game this game is so amazing thank you for making this game this game is so cute for children girl’s too but a rabbit in this game .

i dont even playing it yet .. but i think its great and awesome GAME i lovr baby bus its very good for kids, soo… 5 STARS

Good for kid my sis learn some thing thing from this app. Please download this app for kids.

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