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[Game] My Boo Album – Virtual Pet Sti

My Boo AlbumBoo boo, hey you! If you love My Boo, you can’t miss the official sticker album from your favorite pet monster! Earn FREE packets every day and rip them open to find surprise themed stickers that you can stick to your album or even exchange with friends!

Each page of your album has its own story to tell. Can you unveil them all?

Got repeated stickers? In My Boo Album you can always trade stickers with friends to give and get help, just like in real life. Have fun together and complete your sticker book even faster with the help of other fellow players.

Discover all-new Boos in fun themed pages filled with cute stickers. Meet Boos from Highschool, Cartoon Shows, Fairy Tales, the Farm, Boos from Around the World and even from Outer Space! Candies, toys, dinosaurs, witches and wizards, princes and princesses, cats and dogs, detectives, scientists and much more!

Over 100 stickers to collect
16 different themes with unique Boos
Awesome animated stickers in EVERY page
FREE sticker packets every day
Social features: share stickers with friends

Find all stickers and fill your My Boo Album! Can you get them all? Download now and start collecting!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchaased for real money.

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My Boo Album user reviews :

Where is the original game this album games about??? I loved the 1st one and it breaks my heart I can’t find it anywhere. The second game’s good too but I played the 1st game for years til my phone broke. What’s changed?

My only question is will the developer add new pages and stickers?

Long Time Not Playing This Game. Because This Game Is Deleted, Im Gonna Find In Library, And Found It.

I love this game it is so much fun and I found my boo

once you get so far you get so many duplicates

I love this app, it is so fun. You can collect so many different cute and funny stickers. My main question is Why can you only connect through Facebook. I don’t have facebook because a am only in middle shcool so I think trhat they should add in something else you can connect through, otherwise I absolutely love this app!!!

This app is so cute! I love how you took characters everyone would know. And I LOVE how you made Goku go super saiyan!! Love the new update! I had finished it a few months ago, and decided to do it again. That’s when I saw the update, and I was so excited!

Wow so good, even better than the actual My Boo game! I like the idea of that there are different packets of Common, Uncommon and Rare. Who thought of this I give a big thankyou to you. Bug off those who Hate it.

Love this game .However, it won’t let me sync to Facebook, so I can’t send friends stickers. Apart from that it is really good recommend for anyone

30 second long ad that can’t be canceled when I start the game. The app itself is mainly a cash grab, watch videos or pay real money for stickers.

There’s to much adds in this game it’s like 2 adds every minute it’s very annoying besides that it’s a great game I love collecting the stickers Oh and I don’t like how there is only a couple ways to own sticker packs

Wonderful but always give common card I know that we can t get rare cards all time but atleast 1 -2 times

Its really good, but its super laggy. I’d really like it if you would end the lag. Other than that, it is a really good game.

Hi I think you should not have to wait 5 hours to get a sticker package please check out my YouTube channel it is lucky lexis but besides that I love it

It’s boring and you have to wait for the stickers for a very long time so you only have to make it 5 mins only. Not for a day or two days

I love it bcuz you can collect stickers and watch videos to get more pack. I’ve had this before and I also loved it as much as I do now

Pretty good game. I would love it if you could collect stickers to unlock different mini games! That would be cool

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