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[Game] Baby Shark Run Away

Baby Shark Run AwayThe most viewed video on YouTube: Baby Sharks

The story of the baby shark’s new adventure, “Baby Shark Runaway!”

A mysterious and beautiful adventure with William and his friends.
Be the main character of a thrilling story with friends from all over the world.

The wonderful and beautiful sea that stretches out endlessly is also mysterious.
But nobody knows what’s going on in the deep sea.

What happened?

The shark family friends are in danger
The mysterious and beautiful sea is becoming strange and dangerous.

A mysterious underwater journey on a submarine!
Rescue your friends from the sea full of villains and danger.

Compete with users from all over the world to see
who can go further,
how many points you can collect,
and whether you can rescue more friends, to get the most points out of them all.

Let’s share a magical story that takes place in the mysterious sea that no one has ever discovered!

Let’s go right now!

Game Features

A diverse collection
Choose the one that best suits your baby shark among numerous submarines

Treasure & Friends
Explore the underwater world to meet various treasures and friends

Numerous dangers
It gets even more exhilarating as you narrowly avoid traps

Play endlessly without limits! Compete with friends from all over the world

Baby Shark Run Away user reviews :

I really like this game for just chilling, doesn’t take much brain power which I like as I don’t have much brain power at the best of times lol. I also like how they have got mini games and the music box now. All it needs is daily missions where you can earn things like gems and maybe special submarines and it will be a 5 star game! It’s still very new so give it some time.

  • Thank you for leaving a valuable review. It feels very good for you to be delighted. Your feedback will be delivered through the development team. Have a happy time with baby shark.

It’s a nice game, I love the idea of moving by time, this way mistakes won’t finish the game immediately, and also saving the fishes is well thought… but the game needs more animation, it lacks it a lot, the main character especially, and what is really annoying is the border of the game, even with the 20k boat and going with no hits, the game limits are zone 3 at best and that’s it, game over… money are useless after getting the 20K boat and there are no upgrades to enhance the gameplay.

  • Thank you for leaving a valuable review. The development team also agrees with the comments. I think you need a way to get top-rated submarines through hard work. Additional content is also being prepared. We’ll work quickly and let you know the good news. By all means, when that time comes, please evaluate again.

Couldn’t even get the game to open! I only got as far as the policy agreement and after hitting confirm it exited the game. So not worth downloading.

  • We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any problems, please let us know through screenshots or videos, and we will do our best to solve the problem. help[at]

macovill pls fix this problem like u can’t really exit to game quick and not removing the play I can’t open my chest BCS of that problem if u click the pause u see continue or exit if u click the continue it didn’t do anything if u exit didn’t do anything I can’t play this again and again it’s good game but the problem for short if u died and u click “ok” then u will not quit I used to love this game pls fix it

  • Thank you for leaving a valuable review. Please let us know in more detail about the symptom of the problem and the development team will respond immediately. If you provide a picture or video of the problem symptom to’Help[at]’, the development team can find out the cause. We apologize for not giving you a pleasant experience.

It’s fun! I especially loved how they kept Baby shark’s name to Ollie instead of Brooklyn. And the characters design is so kawaii

  • Thank you for leaving a valuable review. Thank you for supporting me. We are preparing for the update with excitement. Have fun with the baby shark.

I think this game is verry good for kids And you can watch the gameplay on youtube Leo of clash i always watching in there.

  • Thank you for leaving a valuable review. I watched the play video well Thank you for leaving such a fun video.  We will do our best to give you a happy experience.

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