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[Game] Dusk of Dragons Survivors

Dusk of Dragons SurvivorsDusk of Dragons: Survivors is a Survival Sandbox Game that transports players to a magical medieval kingdom filled with dragons and enchantment.

Players must combat extreme weather, hunger, traps, and bloodthirsty zombies. With the ability to train and nurture your own dragons, construct personalized camp, and form alliances with other factions, you’ll find yourself engrossed in a thrilling world of endless possibilities.

Game Features:

Hatch Diverse Dragons: Train and nurture your own mighty dragons to fight alongside you. Each dragon possesses unique abilities and strengths, adding a strategic element to your gameplay.
Team up and Unlock Exclusive Instances: Join forces with friends and other players to challenge instances that reward you with exclusive loot and rare items. Cooperation is key to surviving this brutal world.
Explore Random Maps with Boss Encounters: Traverse a variety of dynamically generated maps filled with hidden treasures, dangerous traps, and powerful bosses. Each playthrough offers a fresh and exciting experience, keeping you on your toes at all times.
Build and Customize Your Camp: Construct a personalized camp that serves as your refuge from harsh elements. Hire butlers to help you organize your enormous and different kinds of items. Summon squires to help you collect resources. Create and upgrade structures and design defenses to keep your camp safe from bloodthirsty zombies and other threats.
Experience Primitive Survival: Immerse yourself in a realistic environment where survival instincts are put to the test. Combat extreme weather conditions,

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Dusk of Dragons Survivors user reviews :

This game could be good, but, there are some deal breakers. 1. Everytime you start the game enemy arrive within one minute. Too strong for you to defeat them and apparently are able to enter your dwelling. End result , you die. Every stinking time you start the game. 2. You can’t craft stronger weapons or other items until preset levels. Which would be fine except you don’t get new items to craft at every level. There are other things but these are deal breakers. Uninstalling….

  • Hi Timothy Hollinghead, we are so sorry for your bad game experience. And all your feedback was noted and will make improvements in the future version. Have a nice day!

The game is good, the ui, the graphics, the optimization its already perfect BUT the things that make this game bad (in my opinion) is the animations, the flow of animations is so sluggish, back to back, buggy(The character don’t even have an animation for picking up) The thing this game needs to improve the most is the flow of animations or just rework the whole character movement… If you could, you should make the swords have a hitbox so it can hit multiple enemies at once..

I opened the game created my character but when it came to playing the intro of the game where the words came on with a black background and snow falling it started lagging and freezing so much to the point where the game stopped working and kick me out. I tried to reload it but was back at the start where I had to create my character again where the game yet again closed and i was back on my home screen. I know this is a new game and there will be minor problems but this is just ridiculous

  • In your situation, it’s generally when the hardware requirements of your phone are on the edge, and when it encounters situations that exceed its capabilities, it may crash. You might consider trying to open it with a PC emulator.

This is probably one of the best survival games on mobile I’ve seen in a long time. Good tutorial, quests, dragons are amazing help, very intricate system. Absolutely love it. Keep up the amazing work!

The game is actually really fun, the feeling of the game is good and the amount of space they give you to build is amazing!!! I just wish energy wasn’t a thing in the game it really gets in the way of me playing the game and enjoying it also i wish the wall gate was 3 tiles long instead of 2 but otherwise that’s about all the complaints I have, solid game would recommend playing

  • Thank you for your 5 star rating! We’ll strive to enhance your gaming experience!

If you like powering up a pet so you can run around in circles kiting everything so it kills it for you so u don’t get one shot then this is the game for you. Saga of survival is 7 years old and played better than this. Not even enough people playing to get teams with more than 3 people.

edit yeah I found out eventually. 4 stars because it’s not very clear on what to do at times and it is a bit too Grindy. I mean, having to raise four levels to continue the main quest at some point is a bit much.

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