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Gig Life TycoonStruggling to make ends meet in the urban jungle is tough, but when you’re responsible for providing for your loved ones back home, the stakes are even higher. Welcome to our survival simulation game, where you take on the role of a migrant worker in a bustling metropolis.

Day after day, you hustle to survive by taking on different gig jobs, each one bringing you closer to your goal of securing a better life for your family.

As you navigate the city’s bustling streets, you’ll encounter a wide variety of characters from all walks of life. Through daily interactions, you’ll gain insights into their unique experiences and perspectives, weaving together an untold story of the city’s vibrant hustle culture and gig economy.

What kind of gig worker will you be? Will you master agility-tested woodcutting or concentration-intensive chicken counting? Or perhaps you’ll find solace in street busking, soothing the souls of late-night pedestrians. The choice is yours.

This simulator features:
A distinct stencil-like black-and-white art style;
Interactions with other NPCs that will leave you cracking up with laughter;
Various opportunities to develop your character on the way of getting rich;
A diverse range of mini-games that promise to keep you engaged.

Do you have what it takes to bring home the bread through sustained hard work? Play the simulator now and find out.

Gig Life Tycoon user reviews :

Awesome game!!, very unique. The only problems I have is it needs to have a better tutorial, a reset life button, and more difficulty options for beginners.

The game could have been much better. There is a lot of issues here. You see, The story missions are mostly not worth, some may cost you 15 cash to complete for a 2 bottle of water which cost 3 cash for 1 or you might just waste your 6 days to complete the 80+ of an item requirement for a 200+ cash. The medicines are super expensive for not being able to remove the negative effect completely. Tips: only do the easy missions, and recycler is your bestfriend for easy money.

tbh i like this kind of games like real life simulator and its a 5 stars for me. i wanna suggest that can you add another mode that there’s no “days left” like a survival mode until he gets rich and buy cars, and other features you can add to suit the “life” game, that would be awesome. im glad i found this game. hoping to see more updates in the future. keep it up!!

Feels a bit hurried but it’s an interesting game. I’ll appreciate more games like this (rpg completing general daily life quests).

It’s a game were you work for 6 days in the city and try to survive. The map has a clean and unique style. The sound effects make you immersed in the environment. There’s quite some options when it comes to things you could do, e.g, working, eating and be on errands. It’s fun.

The game is great and addictive the atmosphere and the environment touch my heart and funny too but my problem with it is that its hard to earn money and gain mood and the aches that you get is a pain on my back i think you should make the game a little bit easier for new players to not get confused or lost but otherwise the game is fantastic keep going

Fun Game but please fix the side mission completion. I always get stuck on claiming the reward and I always need to restart the game. Changed to 3 stars because I lost a lot of rewards on unresponsive claim button after grinding for side quest.

The ads isn’t working. It says it is not available even though my internet connection is strong. It is also impossible to beat the game unless ads are working so u can get more money. Rental is pretty expensive. I wish there is an option where we can sleep on streets for free to save money haha

I have to rate 4/5 for now. It still lacks features and I hope there are other options to play or unlimited days until the character became rich. I know it’s still in development, hoping my comments will be acknowledged by the developers. I’ll install it back soon because it’s actually good, I enjoyed it, the npcs are funny and some cute characters. AND there’s NO intrusive ads which is actually so niicee Thank you

If you want to experience a poor young man from the countryside’s struggle to make it in a dirty city this is the game for you. Loved the visuals and there’s a ton of flavor text. Not for me since it’s stressful though lol

The game is FUN and CHALLENGING at the same time. For people who want to try this out, it might be hard at first so try to be familiar with the places, items, and the job mini games in your first 6 days (in game). Once you understand the game you’ll have A LOT OF FUN. For the devs, keep up the good work. The game has a lot of potential. Expand the world, create more interiors, add more jobs, add new NPCs and many more creative and fun stuffs. THANKS FOR CREATING THIS MASTERPIECE!!!

The game is great and no lags so far. I would just like to recommend to remove the days to complete the task and make it unlimited, and instead make a calendar.

wow another good game nice. I want to give full star but the game is not what i expect it to be. maybe some adjustments will make it better, like char making and maybe make him a bachelor trying to find love would make it more interesting, and the internet connection i don’t think it’s really necessary, sometimes making good games is better than making money. and yeah i think thats it, make the interaction with npc more than just talking but have a relationship in it. thak you if you read it all

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