Ball Escape – Train your patience

[Game] Ball Escape

Ball EscapeBall Escape is an incredible game of moving the ball throughout the game.

Seemingly easy at the very first levels but you will face real challenges stage after stage. So what are you waiting for? Download it and feel the satisfaction while reaching the highest level.


Simple but dynamics graphics with relaxing music
Easy-to-play by tapping on the screen
Highly addictive and funny without repetition
The higher level is, the more frustration you will get LOL
Train your patience
A great game to entertain and relax

Ball Escape user reviews :

very fun, hard and thrilling. I love it so far!

Theres always unskippable ads, its so hard to put away the ads, i have to refresh the game to literally put ONE AD AWAY! Im never playing this game again

This game is fun to play The reason i give it 4 star is after i got the gift from the level i have to watch ads to claim it I have completed all levels within n 3 hours plz add more levels waiting for it

The game is good. The problem is that i get a billion ads a second. And this game requires internet so if you even think about turning on airplane mode you’re screwed. But why does this game require internet??? Its not like you are playing with others. Perhaps is so that you cant turn on airplane mode and then you get a bunch of ads every time i die its annoying please reduce the amount of ads or make it so that it doesnt need internet connection.

Such a great idea for a game. Sadly there are too many ads and if you try to play offline it prompts you to connect to the internet again before continuing. It doesn even need to be online for any reason other than ads. Sad.

I installed this game, only to rate it and say that it is an exact copy of a game called ball escape but worse. When you die, you have to watch an add?! In go escape, you literally only get adds every 10-15 levels, so please, don’t download this. And if these type of games are your thing, then get go escape, its a much better game, with much better quality. If you don’t trust just one bad reviews, then look at almost all the others, they literally all have the same exact feedback.

If anybody sees this that doesn’t like ads then don’t play this and play go escape instead because it has less ads and there’s 202 levels on the original but they add different packs every know and again. Play it.

The game is amazing, but I have some issue is that when j finished all the levels i wasn’t able to still play because I already finished all the levels but besides I think it should have a normal or endless mode game so we can still play even if we finished the levels , i sadly uninstall it bc it doesn’t let me play when I finish the levels. Thank you.

The game is very good and I would give it a nice 5 stars but the reason I give it 4 stars is because everytime I die it takes 5 seconds to even get the restart button the ads are fine.

Too many ads, and they all long ones that take up about 25 seconds of your time each. You spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. Shame really, as its not a bad game.

This game is great and challenging so I play it almost EVERY day. If I had to complain just a little bit I would say the ads. There are ads after every two goes that you get. Other than that, this game is awesome and I totally recommend it.

Decent game, but oh so horrible experience. Ads come your way literally every time you fail or win, or when you open up one of the in game gifts. Thought you could turn off internet and avoid the ads? well you can’t play the game without internet, even though the game is so simple. that’s a no from me bro.

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