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[Game] Battle Run – Multiplayer Racing

Battle RunReady, set, RUN! Welcome to Battle Run!

The adrenaline-pumping party racing game loved by millions of fans is back!

From the studio behind Tap Titans 2 and the popular Beat The Boss franchise, comes the return of long-awaited and fan-favourite real-time running multiplayer game – Battle Run!

Escape wicked rockets, evade spinning axes, and navigate past sneaky hazards – it’s the ultimate race to the finish line!

Party up and play with your friends in an action-packed race and charge into first place! Become a racing legend as you outrun your opponents and compete in real-time multiplayer battles!

With runner’s like Ryder and his volcanic rain, Dust’s high-speed skateboard, and Macie’s explosive leap, it’s an attack blitz waiting to happen!

Revamped with all-new Runners, explosive items, and racing across vibrant worlds, this is Battle Run like never before.


RACE to the finish line in a free to play real-time action-packed running multiplayer mobile game.
RECRUIT a roster of many powerful and speedy runners, each with an unique skill in their arsenal.
PLAY over 500,000 uniquely crafted stages and platform combinations so no race is ever the same!
BATTLE it out across different stages with 20+ unique items, weapons, skills , and power-ups.
COMPETE in real-time fast paced races against up to four friends or players across the world.
COLLECT exclusive diamonds and gold coins in game for the ability to upgrade your runners.
EARN seasonal and weekly battle points from competing in quests as you complete the Battle Track.
PROGRESS down the battle track to unlock new runners, character skins, and earn more rewards!

So put on your sneakers and get ready to run!


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Battle Run was made possible through assistance, and collaboration, with Ontario Creates.

Battle Run user reviews :

I used to love this game as a kid, but I’m not a fan of this newer version as there are many issues such as characters graphics being messed up, getting a late start into the round, and overall the app is running very slow.

This was a legendary game. Then it was suddenly deleted and replaced with what you see now. Edit: New update has improved and brought back the elements that made it great. However the absolute joy of cracking an egg to find an awesome legendary pet is now replaced with microtransactions .

It’s OK. The lack of accessories, maps, mechanics, and items all come together to lower the player creativity, and raise the skill cap with also lower return for playing well. On top of being an overall less good game than it was as a kid, for no reason that I can see the game keeps starting me in the last place slot. It’s not helpful when the other people’s characters already arbitrarily run faster than mine. And you can’t even buy the characters anymore, you need to roll the dice.

as an OG BR player, i miss the old version. if it was similar to the original, it’d be great (while keeping the new characters). i do miss the way the old models looked, the ranking system and gameplay was fairly better too. you had a goal in that version to grind for accessories even. used to play and pay because it was just that great. absolutely adore the old game. please do bring it back to an extent if it’s possible. hoping someone sees this, i’d love to have both games merged.

Each new Battle Pass has nothing new, the mode, the gameplay that there is no changes becomes more boring. Bugs that are not fixed, i.e. different winners on different devices. Games that cannot be carried by Tournaments due to the Bug problem and cannot Battle Multiplayer 12 players.

I feel like the comparisons in most comments are unfair, this is an entirely new game (in a sense). I also enjoyed playing the old version, but this is in the past. This newer version is also fun and almost bug-free. It’s true it may have been more customizable, but I think this is something to look for in future versions.

For people begging they bring the old game back, they already said in their discord that that’s impossible and even explained why in very clear detail. My problem with this game is the lack of updates, and the new battle pass advertises one character but gives out another instead. Most players you’ll come across are most likely gonna be bots since they play the same and you’ll find the same names with random ranks and even different characters. The game is somewhat solid if they had more updates

I miss the old battle run and pet system, the old game used to be lots of fun and you can lucky draw so many different pets to help you in battle beside 4main charecter to choose. This was like 7-8 years ago or so talking about. Please bring the old system back.

I still miss btb 1 and 2, but battle run is still pretty fun, still pay to win though, but that doesn’t stop you from winning races

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