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Fun Run 4Dive into Fun Run 4, the ultimate mobile racing experience tailored for competitive spirits, style icons, achievement hunters, and those who love a bit of social gameplay!

Classic Race with a Twist:
Transform into your favorite Animal and engage in a thrilling dash not just about reaching the finish line but also employing strategy, skill, and a dash of playful chaos. Navigate, strategize, and outplay your rivals in unforgettable racing showdowns.

Multiplayer Action:

Engage in head-to-head races or team up for exhilarating 2v2 competitions. Showcase your prowess, aim for the leaderboards, or just share laughter with friends – every race promises a unique experience.

Dynamic Maps & Characters:

Progress through the game to unlock a diverse range of awesome Animals and explore varied maps that keep your racing strategies fresh and exciting.

Power-Packed Gameplay:

Discover a plethora of game-changing powerups. Use them strategically to ensure your victory or throw a wrench in your rivals’ plans.

Express Yourself:

Personalize your Animal, adding a touch of flair. With customizing options, make sure you’re not just racing but also doing it in style.

Immerse yourself in the wild world of Fun Run 4, a free online multiplayer game, and you’re set for endless hours of fun.

If you’re keen to challenge yourself, flaunt your racing style, or just indulge in some mischievous fun with friends, Fun Run 4 awaits you. The race is on!

Fun Run 4 user reviews :

As someone who has played FR3 religiously, I’m happy to see FR4 come out. There are some features that I think are pretty neat, like animals having stats and abilities, however there is a lot I don’t like. Clothing options shouldn’t cost gems. Animals shouldn’t level up to unlock new items (too expensive). One thing I do like is how fluid the animations are and how the ground pound doesn’t stop your momentum. Side note, but could you please add an otter character? They’re my favorite. Cheers!

This game feels like a worse version of it’s predisecer in everyway, I’m not trying to say it’s a bad game but it feels like it was made just to show what Fun Run would look like in 3D, I don’t like how the levels are randomized, in Fun Run 3 you could vote for one of two levels that the game gives you, giving some liberty to chose. The pacing of the races are just bad, the characters feel really slow when they race, the levels are pretty short, and the climbing machanic doesn’t help it.

so far, it’s really good from what I tried out. The controls, sound, and gameplay are great. However, the maps and music are what’s fairly lacking, in my opinion. The music does the job, but I think it could evoke more exciting race vibes, and there isn’t enough music, in my opinion. I believe one or two more tracks would be good enough for music. But the lack of good maps is my biggest gripe. Please add some more new and original maps, and I will change to 5 stars. thank you!

In this game you have to respond quickly to your enemies’ attack, but there is a delay when you press the attack button that will give the advantage to you enemies. To a new player this may not be apparent, but for us that have been playing FunRun since the first game, it’s bad. The trap seems to be immune to the players close to you when you throw it back – as if they had an invisible shield, making you lose that attack. Also the jump and dash buttons are glitchy by doing the opposite.

I miss FR3 clan battles & arena mode. Hoping to see more developments & better power ups. I feel like I’m stuck with the default power ups. The lag is bad. Screen sometimes glitches black when using items? I want them to add a classic mode w/old power ups & no confusing abilities, but that will probably never happen. Also, the buttons are too small & spread apart. It’s gonna take forever to get used to that. Really wanna give 5 stars, the characters are really cute. Hopefully, more updates soon.

  • Thank you so much for your feedback! We appreciate it!

I absolutly love Fun Run 4 and it is an amazing game, my only complaint is that I have hit level 30 and I no longer get rewards from leveling up. On top of this, the game makes it very difficult to get coins unless you pay for the Runner Pass. Even if you do get the Runner Pass, you can only get around 200 Runner Pass tokens per day unless you have missions. Also, you only get 6 missions every 15 or so days, which is fairly obnoxious. Other than that though, Fun Run 4 is a lot of fun to play.

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