Idle Racer – Build your unique car

[Game] Idle Racer — Tap, Merge & Race

Idle RacerWelcome to the thrilling world of Idle Racer, where you can merge your creativity and passion for driving to build your unique car and participate in intense races against formidable opponents.

In Idle Racer, you start the game with a basic car that you can upgrade using the in-game currency earned simply by tapping the screen. The more you tap and click, the more in-game money you earn. You can spend this money on purchasing new parts for your car, such as engines, tires, spoilers, and much more. You can also merge two parts of the same level to create a higher-level part, which will increase the speed and power of your car.

Stop by the garage and personalize your car by choosing from a wide range of parts, colors and styles – make it truly unique!

Feel the adrenaline rush as you drift around corners and speed past your opponents. Win races and earn rewards!

Idle Racer offers you the thrill of racing, the joy of building your own car, and the excitement of unlocking new possibilities. This game is perfect for everyone who loves cars and racing. Enjoy the game!

Idle Racer user reviews :

Thought this game had potential- but then all the non-stop pop-up ads started. Not much else to say except that these ads are turning me off in relation to this game. Sick of watching stupid ads because developers are greedy hacks. When the ads are gone, my rating may go up- but not until.

Decent idea, awful execution. Tons of ads. Forced ads every couple of minutes – generally a scummy idea for a tapping game. All upgrades have a nice visual representations, but lack any logic (why is the income upgrade repeatedly locked? Why do part costs constantly increase?)

Installed the game, accepted the ToS…no problem. First time playing, I’m hit with an ad 20 seconds in, then another one about 20 seconds later. C’mon now. If that’s how it’s gonna be, immediate uninstall.

Played for about 20 minutes after the first race there’s a forced ad every 2 minutes but it’s always the new version of ads where there’s 2 in one . edit: just looked at the details in the store “ads placed my app developer” x2

I love the game it’s great but it has one massive fault any game that requires you to Tap the screen should not have random forced ads as hitting the ad and opening a website is almost a guarantee.

This game is good actually, I played and I got a little bit of ads only, but sometimes I crash which is an annoying sometimes, Keep the good work up!

One star, Why? Oh because there are too many ads I would give you 0 stars if I could. To save everyone else I’m just going to say dont waste your time on this disgraceful game. I’m so sorry if you have but this is an awesome game but way too many ads.

Great game, funny bugs, but finished the game in one day. Minimal ads.

It seems that you have a real creative streak going here all these amazingly different games that are all the same. But I guess that’s the point.

It’s an okay game, but the “log in X2 bonus ad watch” is not available.

Love the game but two things are missing a data reset button and sound

Yup. But adds should be choice based, in order to gain bonuses.

To many poo-up ads. Once you get to tier 7 it gets boring

It’s just a idle game I love the car pat of it it’s just a game to relax and play for a while

The game is all right it does have a lot of commercials

I love this but you need to add some sound it would be better if you did

Good game, but some of the buttons dont even work.

Very fun to play when on road

This is the best drive-like game I ever played!

Very happy & Very pleased  well done thank’s

I only rate it 2 star because there’s too many ads

Nice game I like this game thank you

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