Parquet – Mystery that unfolds itself as the story advances

[Game] Parquet

ParquetIn the near future, a technology called Brain-Machine Interface connects the brain and machines.

This technology brings about a new paradigm and opens the gates to the digitization of human memory itself.

From these new discoveries, “he” is born. An illegal experiment mixes thousands of memories into a single vessel, creating a wholly new being.

Having only the memories of others, doubts about who he truly is start arising in his mind, until he gathers the courage to go out into the world in search of his true self.

As he steps into the real world, he meets two girls, Kido Tsubasa and Ibaraki Rino.
Both kind souls whose lives have been touched by unscrupulous BMI experiments, just like him.
Learning to live together with their secrets, “he” and “they” will bring about big changes…

Key points:

Yuzusoft’s first-ever original All-Ages game
Curious living together experience with girls between day and night
An intriguing mystery that unfolds itself as the story advances

Parquet user reviews :

It’s a cute story with a fluid translation and enough emotion. Don’t go into it expecting interactive fiction. It is purely a visual novel save for one choice in the afterstory. The issue I have is that it is rather short given the $16 pricetag. I still consider it worth the money, but I can see why others do not.

The game’s quite good. It’s almost fully voice acted. The characters are well written, and the concept overall is quite nice. The episodes have to be paid for tho, which is logical considering it’s high quality and the price is reasonable as well. Perhaps, instead of spending in gacha, you invest in this. All in all, Its a good game if you’re a fan of the visual novel genre

Currently at episode 1 .. I’m not good at saying things like reviews etc so I just give it a rating of 100000/10 .. its worth to buy But there is a 1 problem .. everyday the the app data is being reset, i can’t play all the time so every day I decided to continue the story i always the download the extra data ( the one that i paid i think) please fix this, i don’t want to do it every day I play , I’ll give you 5 stars again if you fix it thanks

Deym!!!! The story just wow….I’m stunned its complicated yet beautifully written. Although i just played the free version and haven’t proceed to the next episodes, I guess I’ll purchase it!!!! The arts are like cherry on top, the voiceover are just so damn great (japan voice ofc) and can’t wait to explore go deeper into the story!!! Really recommend it

This being my first visual novel, I’m quite surprised to see it has a mobile port. The fact they they are expanding this to others is great. I have yet to play it on mobile but if the story is the same as on PC, it’ll do good for others to find such a short and unique story to occupy themselves in. I can only see good things in the future for Yuzusoft. Edit: As someone else has mentioned the UI does seem to contrast harshly against the feel of the game(ex: text box & art) but it’s also simple.

The purple hair girl is so kind I love it. The story is well amazing i dont like the fact that the starting story was a bit too long and boring although its a great game. The way she choosed my name is also great not like some stories you randomly get.

Nice game but there are 4 PAYWALLS before you can finish the whole story. You need to spend about 9 euros before you can finish the game. I recommend it. Good and unique story but there is no need for 9 euros to finish it.

Seems to be a great Visual Novel, except it’s just a demo. You have to pay for the rest of the game (the remaining Episodes) Hence, I’m forced to deduct 1 star

So, free version is actually just the Prologue, the other 5 chapters have to be bought separately via IAP. The free chapter is good, I finished it in like 15 mins, but yeah you gotta pay for the rest, which I chose not to do for this title. It’s Yuzu though so it’s probably a “good” game *at worst*, as they hadn’t make a “bad” game yet to my knowledge.

Great game and good story with characters, but its annoying how it keeps making me download between 200-600 mb in assets and sometimes after downloading them, the game freezes, having it ask me to download again, or the app just asks me to download even more.

The best visual novel in google play store as of now. Good plot, it has a voice acting, great character design. Don’t hesitate to use money in this game. It won’t disappoint you I swear.

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