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BeautyPlus VideoBeautyPlus Video is an AI-powered photo and video editor that boosts your digital presence on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Youtube.

Our goal is to make easy and creative video editing accessible to everyone. Users with zero editing knowledge can create professional photos and videos.

Popular Features:

Remove Background: remove the background of uploaded photos and videos.
Generate Background: write a description for the AI generator to create your desired photo background.
Element Replacement: replace objects and get more eyes on your content.
Remove Objects: remove unwanted objects to clean up your photos.
Upscale & Videos: revive low-resolution videos to create high-quality visuals.
Video Templates: add your photos and choose from the template library to create stunning videos in moments.
AI Writer: add post captions and effective copy to your photos and videos with AI.

Other Features:
3D Photos: turn your 2D photos into robust 3D videos.
Retouch Photos & Videos: try various AI makeup styles and unleash your true beauty with professional face and body-tuning.
Remove Watermark: create professional-looking photos with zero watermarks.
Add Stickers & Music: choose dynamic stickers, fonts and hot music tracks from our library.
Applications: create shortform content for Instagram, TikTok and Youtube / promo product photos and videos / individual influencer’s posts and videos.
BeautyPlus Video is an all-in-one AI photo and video editor for engaging content creation on social media platforms and personal or business websites. We provide extensive tool selections for users ranging from beginners to advanced content creators. Users can simply drop a few pictures in the video editor, choose a video template, and *boom*: a soundtracked video is ready to go! Items are easily exported to multiple platforms with compatible video sizes.
Have any question? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact support:video[at]
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BeautyPlus Video user reviews :

it keeps saying task failed, it takes WAY too much time to give quality, and I waited DAYS for it to give quality and I came back to a “task failed”. When it works the quality is awesome, I love it. But when it’s a video it takes DAYS. It wasn’t like that, ever since the recent update. Work on that please

This AI photo editor impresses with its exceptional performance. It flawlessly enhances images, delivering remarkable results. The intuitive interface and diverse editing options make it a standout choice for users seeking high-quality photo transformations.

Im disappointed Im a longtime fan/subscriber& for like yrs,Ive noticed the GENERATE BACKGROUND part: A Doesnt look realistic. B Tries to add things to what is cutout instead of generating a good, realistic background. —In BACKGROUND REMOVAL, app doesnt cut out the subject good, theres still a lot that it misses ex’s. blowing hair/ intricate pics /easy stuff —WITH AN UPLOADED TRANSPARENT PNG(already cutout),app adds black around edges so it looks just as bad as apps background remove cutout

I’ve been using this app for a few days and it always improved videos and worked great. After the most recent app update, when trying to enhance a video with the AI repair option, it gives faces and heads a weird white glowing effect around them. Might be a bug or glitch, not sure. Please fix it

It had a problem before, it wasnt loading when you tried using it the second time. But now there is nothing like that again! Im happy with this new update, the video enchancer is awsome too! I see why ppl recommend it. Keep up the good work!

Decent app but some videos that are 20 seconds long I import for image enhancement don’t even load. Please fix this issue in the future.

Genuinely one of the best apps out there, the functions are all fast and easy, but it goes down to four stars as the AI replace and AI generate features don’t work, as it does not let me use the keyboard, it immediately turns the keyboard off once I press the text box to generate

Amazing! I have been using this app for a view months now, and its great! Its not like other apps which are money hungry, most apps you can’t even use because they make most features onlg by subscribtion Vmake gives you lot of possibilities even without a subscribtion, the subscribtions do a add a little more, but the regular version is just as vreat

Some things you have to pay for but I’m extremely impressed by the quality it gives my videos, although I don’t like having to wait so long for the video to come out. Sometimes it makes the edits glitch but overall, the quality is very good.

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