Wink – Providing a range of natural makeup

[App] Wink – Video Enhancing Tool

Winkl Making video editing easier than ever!
l Video editing for enhancing facial appearance!
l Various creative video transition effects enhance final results!

Video Retouch
Manual Face Slimming: Adjust your facial features as you wish
Body Shape: Achieve a supermodel physique!
Stylish Makeup: Providing a range of natural makeup
Facial Features: Amazing video face painting without blind spots!
Teeth: Say goodbye to brown teeth and show off your smile!

Video Editing
Professional Editing: Color, Crop, Speed, Split, Mirror, Soundtrack and more!
Templates: Easily apply to create high-quality vlogs
Quality Restoration: Clear AI-enhanced video restoration!
Effects: Adds texts, stickers, and transitions to enhance your videos
Automatic Subtitle: Utilizes intelligent voice recognition for easy text inputting

Wink VIP
Unlock exclusive VIP features
Experience a wide range of exclusive VIP features. Wink is committed to enhancing your retouching experience. Stay tuned for more!

Wink Monthly VIP-Monthly: 1-month subscription period
Wink Annual VIP: 12-month subscription period- Agreement

Terms of

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Wink user reviews :

This app’s amazing! I’m an editor and I’m struggling to upscale my quality. And since I’m using android, the upscaling on Blurr (another editing app) takes so long, like 30 minutes+ for a 20 second video (it’s an edit). But this one, it only took me a minute and it really did upscale the quality, and it’s completely free. 5 stars.

I tried to use the app for the first time, It was really easy to use but trying to click the back button deleted all my progress, It was annoying because i couldn’t go back without the back button. Decided I won’t be editing since there wasn’t any other app to use.

so I only downloaded this app for the HD video as the quality of mine is horrible. its worked great, but after a few uses a day, you need to watch an ad to use it. no problem, right? until last week it was just NOT working. I was pressing the ad options sm times and it kept on saying “Try again.” it’s broken. never works.

This app is really amazing but after using a little much your app just showing “Network issues,pls try again” even I have a strong wifi I really love this at first but after a few days I have to watch an ad to get HD quality but you never show that ad and just showing “try again, try again” pls just give ultimate uses

I love this app, it’s very great and nice and awesome, If only I can give you a 10stars, I like it, keep it up, just please don’t be like other video/photo tools that needs to pay before export, this is great, I’ll spread the words to my family, friends and neighbors.

This app has won my heart, I edit gaming videos, and I improve the quality of my videos because of this app,If you add a texture option to it, it will become even better, Textured option option is also available in coloro app but it is available in iPhones, if you guys try and bring it to Android, If you bring that texture option then the rating of this app will increase more and more players use texture for video gaming. So please add this texture option in it. Lots of love from Pakistan

So far this app is incredible. What’s even better is that it does everything remini and faceapp do, snapseed, uncrop, meitu, etc but for VIDEO! I hope this app stays cool . You will be pleased. Three free tried per day for free version. I haven’t subscribed but if its the same price as my other subs im cancelling those and adding this one A+ devs

Hello, I’m using this app and Yes the results are incredible. Now I want to purchase the subscription. But I’m not getting the idea that how much a longer vedio It can convert into hd… I’m a YouTubers and my vedios are 15 to 20 mins long. Kindly confirm the length of the vedio.

Best editing app so far since you can get a high quality video for free and it has a lot of features too. I hope it stays free forever, such a life saver I must say.

I adore this app, please. Add artificial intelligence that can translate the language. On different languages, I hope there is watching ads to use the premium by watching for free even just one hour every day. I am a loyal user of the meitu application because it is helpful and useful.

best app for HD videos editing. some main issues like processing time is too large try to short it. thank you

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