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[App] Becoco – Selfie Camera & Editor

BecocoSmaller App: only 1/7 app size of other photo editors.

Free All-in-one Editing App: HD natural beauty plus camera & editor to retouch the face, reshape the body, and beautify with makeup effects.

Free Face Editor App: no ad and no in-app purchasing.

BeCoco is not only suitable for a phone with more than 3GB of RAM, but also suitable for a phone with less than 3GB of RAM. Free beautycam & selfie photo editor with face tune, body retouch, filter, makeup effect, hairstyle changer, and tattoo sticker. Otherwise, you can download all the resources and use them offline. One-click share to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat!

HD Natural Selfie Camera
Selfie Beautycam: restore your true beauty with an HD natural camera.
Magic One-tap Edit: auto beautifies portrait and makes your skin glow and face tune.
Real-time beauty plus effects: smoothen your skin and remove acne
Real-time retouch your face: make your face more small & skinny
Filter Editor: 300 presets perfect for any occasions

Selfie Photo Editor
One-click beautification: change your selfie into a photo wonder with a magic one-tap edit, help you be perfect 365 days.
Beauty Filter Plus: customized beauty filters for different skin tones like Snapchat camera
Smooth Skin: retouch your face with exclusive skin smoothing makeover tools like Snapchat camera.
Skin Changer: helps you correct your skin tone. Get a natural tan with the skin changer.
Teeth Whitening: teeth Whitener tool gives you the brightest smile.
Face Lab App: try the perfect face retouch app to slim your face.
Touch Up Your Face: helps you reshape your face and body.
Makeup Feature: trendy makeup style for you. Use an airbrush, lipsticks, and eye shadow to highlight your face.

Body Editor
Body Shape Editor: get the perfect body shape and enhance any parts of your body.
Waist Slimmer Editor: make your body slim and skinny.
Perfect Muscle Editor: easy to get six-pack abs muscle.
Height Correction Editor: makes you look taller and get long legs like a professional model.

Video Enhancer
Video Editor: Import your video and enhance any parts of your body.
Video Face Lab Editor: Pretty up your look in videos and smooth skin.
Video Body Editor: try to get the perfect body shape in the video.
Video Filter Editor: 300+ filters and advanced adjustment feature.

Pro Photo Editor
Hairstyle Changer: dye your hair any color you like.
Tattoo Editor: 100+ tattoo stickers perfect for any body type and angles
Filter Editor: 300+ photoshop filters for you to enhance the color of your photos.
One-click share to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat

Becoco user reviews :

App; Warm and comfortable to use, the orange tone makes it better! Laggy on phones with low ram, though they have this mode which is stable mode to prevent your phone from lagging. Might lag a little, but you can still take pictures! Filters; Absolutely yes. So cute and classic. Lots of free filters, retro, soft, and more! Less premium filters. Effects; Adorable, and aesthetic! I love motion blur and glow Makeup; Free and cute! Lots of variations to choose from. 5 starsss!!

I would recommend this for best picture editor with blur and no ad’s.

Love it! Simple, easy and results I’m looking for!

Thank you for making a simple photo editing app I’ve tried other apps that made themselves completely unusable by spamming ads or adding a bunch of unrelated features (why would I need my editing app to have its own social media platform?) and this one is MUCH better. Plus it only asks for data that’s actually necessary instead of trying to farm my location/call history/etc to sell to third parties. Thank you for making an app that actually does what I want instead of a bunch of stuff I don’t

  • Hi, thanks for your support. If you need any help or have any advice, please feel free to contact us at kingsonyoyo[at]

This app deserves a standing ovation!!!! So much technology was put into this amazing app! I’m sure there’s lots of women who agree with me, that we ALWAYS have some dam thang that makes us INSECURE! With that being said, the 1st time I tried” BECOCO: SELFIE CAMERA& EDITOR ” I was blown away by how REALISTIC the options and editing was! I have scars on my face(aka Craters)and have tried numerous apps! This is the only one that covers all my imperfections!

I can count on this app to make absolutely EVERY single picture into a beautiful masterpiece. Even during times that I find myself resembling a trashcan I know that after using this app to transform my photos, I’m guaranteed to look like a million bucks!

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