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[App] HD Camera 2024

HD Camera 2024

A free and professional camera app for all android devices.
HD video camera supports RAW photos, 4K vlogs, and cinematic videos. It is a professional movie pro recorder which supports DSLR digital camera control like a real camera such as HDR, time-lapse, slow shutter, and night moment pro camera.

And there are also 100+ cinematic filters for every daily moment.HD camera pro is lite but an all-featured promovie recorder supports camera + and camera 2. It’s worth downloading!

Key features are as follows:

HD Pro Camera App:
Native and bright selfies with a 5x+ front zoom camera
HD camera 360 degrees to make you cam perfectly
Digital DSLR Camera with shutter speed and exposure adjustment
High definition 4K video cam and pro film camera
Easy to take HD low-light and night cam photos

Professional Movie Pro Camera:
Well-designed DSLR cam, filming, and cinematic filters
All the format adjustments: Frame rate, bit rates, scales
4K and 4K Max cinematic video camera
Video speed changer for time-lapse & speed up videos and slow motion videos
One minute pause app and continue at any time
Fast speed camera to capture photos while recording videos
All-in-one HD vlog camera, filming camera, and pro movie recorder

Professional Capture Modes:
Video: Pro movie recording with powerful settings and features
Photo: Doubletake high-definition front & back shooting
Burst: Clear selfies fast burst with hand free
Slow Shutter: Support light trails and motion blur like an SLR slow shutter cam with ND lens
Time Lapse: 4K landscape HD time-lapse video shooting

Digital DSLR Manual Camera:
HD camera photos no matter what mobile phone you have including Samsung
Carousel camera that provides manual shutter speed, exposure, WB, and focos
Exposure: Pro cam adjustments for slow shutter speed and ISO
Focus: Manual focus, macro focus, and camera∞ focus
WB: White balance camera control also for the selfie lens
NR: Noise reduction, suitable for low light and night capture
HDR: Hdr photo camera with manual camera DSLR control

Professional Photography:
Adjust shutter speed to take long exposure photos in night city and twinight
Fast burst selfies and capture kids and pets in motion
High resolution macro camera with macro focus and 10+ zoom
100+ daily filter and power features for vloggers to take high quality videos
4K hdr video recorder and pro filmic cam
20+ Moon camera with night cam and low light camera

Other features:
Grid reference lines
DSLR lens clear resolution
Doubletake with one cam and bicam
Burst camera
High speed camera
Video speed controller
All feature powershot
HD minicam pro
Fast speed and rapid camera
Picture and video quality setting
Support camera +, camera 2, and Camera x function for Android
More professional features are coming

Our features will continue to expand to meet your needs until you feel like having a real Canon and Sony camera.
Some phones may not support the use of some features due to different phones.

This app is based on Open Camera code and licensed under the GNU General Public License.
Code: sourceforge.net/p/opencamera/code
GNU General Public License: www.gnu.org/licenses

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HD Camera 2024 user reviews :

I love this camera so much but it is disappointing and annoying me so much. When taking video, the camera and the video is quite clear ( not very clear).But after it’s saved in the file, the video quality is so poor as if you have taken it with a small button phone. Sometimes it doesn’t show some menus in setting. It also lags behind; sound is faster than the image when playing the video. If these issues are fixed, then this app will be the best.

“Not bad. Not bad at all.” UI/menu should be rearranged (and rotatable!), however. Also, the shutter button is to be in the middle and at the bottom. Regards (later) Excellent update! Thanks. My new phone is Redmi Note 10 Pro, so the possibility of using other lenses would be much welcomed. Also – in the future – e.g. Panorama mode? PS: full resolution support (front camera) is needed, too.

Pretty damn good so far.. Some things could use a little tweaking but this is mainly what I’ve been looking for. I recently bought Proshot and it wasn’t as good as I hoped. I wish I found this app first!!! Just give us flat profile or log and some manual audio controls and desqueezing of anamorphic lenses and you’d replace any of my pro video apps!!! Probably the best video recorder on Android so far. I sometimes use Protake for it’s option of different profile styles and ratios. Thanks you.

This is a wonderful application. When I did not see the option to record audio via external mic I got scared but it turns out that works! Thank you Devs. The only thing missing is bokeh effect (background blur) when recording video using front camera. Thank you so much

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