Bewitching Mahjong Solitaire – Only you can save the defenseless animals

[Game] Bewitching Mahjong Solitaire

Bewitching Mahjong Solitaire   Find the missing grandma! It’s been 10 years since the police of a small town started looking for at least some clues in the magical forest…

The parents hid the terrible truth from their granddaughter, but she hasn’t lost hope! If she only knew what was hiding in the lost diary and the mysterious chest buried in the garden…

Tired of the usual puzzle games and match games? Mahjong games aren’t fun anymore? Discover the wonderful world and thwart the sinister plan to destroy the magic forest! Only you can save the defenseless animals!

COMPLETE TASKS. Find treasures in gloomy caves, protect the two best friends from a bloodthirsty criminal, save the missing grandmother!
HELP ANIMALS. Calm the crying squirrels, feed the starving raccoon, return the mole to his wife and children, heal the bird’s wing so it can fly again!
ENJOY THE STORY. Who is waiting for careless friends in the mysterious ancient forest? What are the girls hiding from each other? Will they be able to uncover the intricate plan of an insidious dark magician? Go on a journey — complete quests and find out all the answers!
MEET NEW FRIENDS! Fairies, dwarves, magicians, furry animals, spirits and other inhabitants of the extraordinary forest have prepared puzzle quests for you. Why do none of them want to say what happened 10 years ago?..
CHANGE, CREATE, DECORATE! Restore granny’s charming home and garden. The memory of her is all that remains with her granddaughter Sophia!
USE MAGIC! The wonderful forest will reveal its supernatural secrets to the most daring and curious.
MATCH magic tiles in mahjong free game levels to become the tile master! Classic gameplay with a fresh perspective: addictive puzzles, a festive mood, incendiary power-ups and wonderful magical mechanics. Puzzle games are interesting and even useful! (like solitaire games free)
EARN REWARDS! Various events and challenges will give you pleasant bonuses and vivid emotions. Real magic tiles are waiting for you!

Bewitching Hour is completely free to play, like many free puzzle games, matching games and majong games free. Some items can be purchased with real money. You can easily disable in-app purchases in the settings menu on your device (like in any solitaire games free). Also in our game you can match only 2 tiles — not 3 tiles.

The BH team sincerely hopes you enjoy our new mahjong free tile match game and other matching games! Share your ideas about mahjong free and ask us questions at We are glad that we receive positive reviews from many who love puzzle games as mahjong_free, solitaire games free, or for example mahjong_games, solitaire classic, majong games and other matching games similar to mahjong_free or majong_classic.

We wish you good mahjong_free match games! Let our tile games be a journey for your majong classic tile master heart!

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Bewitching Mahjong Solitaire user reviews :

It is a fun game until later on in the game where you need to buy things to advance due to tiles being under the same tile amd worse when you get down to the last 6 and all 6 are under the tiles you need to match game after game after game, I know this is a free game but to get to this point is ridiculous. Shame it is a good game.

It’s a great game I really enjoy it and the art style brings me back everytime, but it is quite frustrating at times I’m on level 83 and I play the hard levels a minimum of 10 times to even clear the level. And with how long it takes lives to charge its frustrating. I enjoy the game but it’s frustrating at best.

I love the game, but I think there’s too much story I think there needs to be story and designing at the same time it takes too long getting a bit boring

It’s a wonderful game to relax. Great story and graphics. Some level are very hard to beat.

The fact there isn’t any sound feedback when removing tiles is terribly underwhelming. Where it not for this issue I’d be rating this game 5 stars.

some of the stages were made so you won’t win umless you use the power ups, especially those with the freezing tiles.

At first I liked the game. I still do, but it has a few issues. As it progressed and got harder you could either play the same level over and over (frustrating) or pay for extras (costly). I do appreciate that you can earn coins and things too but it takes way more than what you get. Its a fun game, but be prepared to pay to play.

It’s a fun suggestion to make it 5 stars take off the pointer that tells you where you have to go all the time.i know what I need to do I don’t need a pointer guide so please take it off.if you do I’ll change to 5 star.

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