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[Game] FCM23 Soccer Club Management

FCM23 Soccer Club ManagementFCM23 is a Soccer Club Management game written and developed by real soccer coaches and managers to give players a realistic day-to-day club management experience, that’s full of depth yet quick to play.

This is the only game available that allows you to become a director of a football club or for you to take over and manage a club as the chairman.

Start your career as a Director of Soccer, either by creating your own club from scratch or by taking on a role at a real soccer club. Manage all aspects of the club from finances, sponsorships, staff, and player recruitment as you set out your philosophy and vision for the club and look to deliver success to the board and fans.

Improve your reputation and move to bigger and better jobs as you earn reputation and build coins to one day being able to mount a takeover and own your very own club and become the chairman!

No other game gives you a full club management experience and real day-to-day challenges that FCM23 delivers, all with super quick gameplay and TV-style presentation.

Can you manage difficult managers, and deal with the demanding sports media?

Can you build a title-winning squad, and keep the harmony in the group whilst dealing with high-paid demanding players?

Can you build success off the pitch and generate revenues and profits to develop the club?

Do you have what it takes to deliver success?

Be more than just a manager in FCM23

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FCM23 Soccer Club Management user reviews :

Yeah this game is good going forward if only the developer can eradicate this crashing problem because it can make you the other way to dislike the game at all. From another perspective i have stayed with the game and having that drive to win……still it crashes eg…my team is leading the game and the is left with 2 minutes of regulation time then it crashes, upon restart u will find that you have lost the game. This is where the problem comes. Update has brought more problems than solutions

The last update made the game unplayable. Can’t save the game, can’t watch ads for free coins, can’t make loads of decisions and sometimes the game gets stuck because we can’t take actions on emails. I’m happy to change/update the review there – placing it here to make you aware. The game is good.

I used to really enjoy playing this game but since the last update there have been some buttons disabled. Particularly when you have sponsors offer you money or transfer offers (both buttons have been disabled) and when the manager asks for 1000 coins for travel (the no button has been disabled). It worked perfectly before the update. Since the update buttons have been disabled. Please undo the last update

I love the game but after the update the game becomes unplayable as the screen freezes and you can be able to select options on the screen thus hindering progress and enjoyment of the game.

After latest update I can’t accept any offer for my players. Just sitting there messages, can open it but can’t do anything about it, unable to accept, reject or negotiate. Also unable to watch ad for free coins. Pls fix this

This game is getting frustrating and some of the keys are not pressing when playing the game and also I can’t interact with the manager nor promote assistant manager because of the keys that are not functioning and it happens when I updated the FCM23 soccer game pls something should be done pls…….

The game is a very good game though. My problem is, the cost of upgrade is too much and also players and staff demand a lot before joining your team whiles budget are relatively less. It’s been few months I started playing this game. I spend all my coins to raise funds just to get the best team on board but I will start a season loosing games continuously which always is frustrating. I just hope the next edition wouldn’t give such problems anyways.

So frustrating as this is a very slick game with some great features but there is no logic to it at all, nothing you can change brings any success and I’m almost certain that the results are predetermined irrespective of anything you might change, the only way you can gain any success is by spending coins. As I say totally frustrating for what could be a really good game.

The game is addictive. There is a massive upgrade on the game as it’s no longer shut down like it’s used to be

I have followed the game for three years, the amount of progress u guys are making is great. If ur looking for a Management exprience, this app is in the top 3 so Keep it up. But for this season, I dont get why the transfer update is so late. And in my opinion, the transfer activity is very wild, if u could minimize transfers at the beginning of the season, it would be realistic, because naturally I want to play with the current players in the leagues atleast for the first season.

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