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[Game] Bird Sort Color

Bird Sort ColorWelcome to the gentle world of Bird Sort Color, where the gentle embrace of nature meets the joy of relaxation!

Say goodbye to ordinary puzzles and get ready for an exciting experience with lively avian characters and delightful asmr melodies. Bird Sort Color is the perfect blend of fun and relaxation.

Birds need to be with their flocks to fly around the world. Birds migration season is coming. Sort bird flocks, let them fly.

What we have in Bird Sort Color
Sorting game puzzle: 3000 level are waiting for you. Sort Bird and help them fly away. There are many obstercles on the way to challenge you from rescueing birds: Bomb, Sleepy birds, Cage Lock, Egg&Hammer, Lock Stand Level
PvP mode: Play Sorting game alone is simple, but now you can find your own opponant. If you win you will see your name in the leader board go up and up. Feel free to name your account with your own name.
Raise and Decor: Raise and feed birds and Decor Bird home will be relax and enjoyable for Bird Lovers. Test your Decor style now!
Stay tuned because many other NEW FEATURES will be updated in the coming time. Make sure you have the LATEST UPDATED VERSION for this App then enjoy!

Easy to get started
One finger control.
Multiple unique level

No penalties & time limits; you can enjoy Bird Sort Color Puzzle at your own pace!

Bird Sort Color user reviews :

I like how I was able to reach level 1,000 in less than a month without using any assists. The higher levels are challenging enough to make it somewhat difficult without being impossible. For example some birds have to be moved multiple times before matching them up. Also if you don’t want to see ads simply using airplane mode on your phone.

Not a bad game, ruined by massive advertising and disgusting attitude to the player. There is no connection to Facebook, there are no alternatives to create your own profile, you can’t even change the name, advertising of dubious quality creeps out through each level, optimization at this level of graphics sucks. I don’t recommend it, it’s a waste of time.

I really like the game. Considering just the game, I would have given it five stars. Most of the ads are decent. So far I have had to endure only three deceptively dishonest ads. As a result of those, the game only gets four stars. However, if there gets too many of those types of ads, I will change to one star and uninstall! Thank you for the game it is very enjoyable.

Overall this is a cute game, very relaxing for destressing after a long day. Aside from the not being able to save your progress, which is the big problem… I found the constant running of ads fun sucking. Then it wants you to pay for no ads. If its a game made for kids this is a problem because it can cause unauthorized charges… etc.

Short: yet another ad dispenser. Having birds instead of simple colors makes it more likeable. Long: a trivial game of sorting the colors as seen in a thousand other places. Bombs the player with ads so that you end up spending comparable time playing and watching ads. Stay away unless you’re a kid with no goals in life. DEVs: you will say “we have to earn money” – yes, you do, but this is a bad way. There are many similar games that don’t overwhelm players with ads!

What it says on the tin. A bit too many ads, but I expect ad montages in games like this and it was a lot better than it could’ve been. Simple and pretty fun, I’m only uninstalling cus I like the tube version of the game better; this is a nice spin on the tube sorting game , but not my jam.

I just downloaded this game. Here are my first impressions. This is a great game for improving logical thinking. The music is cheerful and uplifting. A VERY creative twist to the same concept reinforced by water sort games with the interesting addition of a leader board and a room decorating aspect.

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