Blade legends – Become a savior to the people

[Game] Blade legends – scions of fate

Blade legendsDark forces threaten the world.Will you answer the call of this world? To arms! This world needs you.

Battle your way through a visually-stunning fantasy RPG. Experience all-new original stories!

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Game Features

Ascend to Immortality or Fall into Darkness, It’s Up to You
Awaken your destiny and enter the realm of immortals or demons with just one thought. Will you trigger a war between the two worlds by choosing to fall into darkness, or will you choose to cultivate your inner strength and become a savior to the people? With unprecedented freedom and choice, every step of your cultivation journey is tailor-made for you!

Skillful Combat and Endless Fun
Unleash your skills to the fullest with full-screen special effects and enhanced damage multiplier. The exhilarating combat experience and endless loot drops will leave you wanting more!
Go head-to-head with other players in fierce combat to unlock special gear. Rise through the ranks and become an Arena legend.

Cute and Loyal Companions
Meet your adorable and reliable companions along your path of cultivation. They will accompany you on your journey and assist you in your battles against powerful bosses!
Clash with armies of demons, collect epic loot, and gain unimaginable power.

Every gameplay leads to growth
Grow as strong as the amount of time invested!
Mine the crystals needed for all kinds of growth and evolve faster into powerful characters faster than others!
The endless conflict between Just & Evil!
The World’s battlefield unfolds in a mobile environment!
Encounter the game, in which the original writers participated and such as yulgang’s humor and wit are being conveyed into!

Blade legends user reviews :

I love it! But it’s kinda buggy and the red dots could be pretty annoying, hope there’s an option to view the notification and then it won’t show again until the next login. Also if you can add a few more characters to the chat, that would be great! Thank you so much!

This game was fun but now it’s a total mess. It keeps glitching out and the developers are having trouble fixing it. It’s a shame because this could have been an amazing game. Hope they can sell it to someone that can fix it and make it work.

Very generous to players who do not wish to spend money and even to those who spend a little. It is the first game in year’s I actually find myself logging in daily.

Nice game but its so boring that all players have same class. Put different classes like swordsman mage etc. For players to pick and also put change class in the game using jades. 2stars for now

it is a nice game, im hoping more develop and more gift to my account so that i can play it cotinuesly

The game is ok.. and nice.. but i foundout that.. so many bugs.. and then dungeon function so verry time consuming.. im waiting for that blits function.. whole day in dungeon is still not enough to finish. And also in shadow realm.. many low cp has no chance of high loots because many highrank dominates.. i suggest to put limitation upon entering shadow realm. So that other players have a chance

great game! spending are optional, you can get strong without spending, it’s slow but still satisfying, the devs are very generous, try it

Its a good game, while wasting money does help progress, for example 20 bucks on a server got me to top 10, a f2p server got me to top 100#. its a fun game you can constantly play, and it can be idle too, depending on your game play.

Ahhhh thank you so much I’ve been waiting for English version TT i played this on chinese version for about 2 years and half,i was so fristrated when you closed rhe chinese version but i guess its fine now. Its good for f2p players,lot of gears,not too much activities/events,this game is a healthy game^^ it doesnt pushed players too much like others rpg/mmo games. Keep up a good work, development team~ you have my full support

Enjoying this game so much but sometimes the guy takes time to load. And the function keys sometimes hang up. But overall I see potential.

Good but .. I played and suppose win the daily event, but i didn’t get the prize, and when i chat GM in game, they were not even give solution and just sent image that is not clear and said i already spent that. And i even gave them what i should get, but still persist. They just don’t want to take the blame. So you guys that want to play know what u must do, right?

It’s fun I downloaded it with zero expectations and surprisingly I’ve been having fun my only issue is that when I close the game I have to relogin for some reason but other than that it’s pretty fun to play

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