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Bless GlobalBLESS GLOBAL is a medieval fantasy MMO featuring immersive aesthetics, which depicts a live magical world through grand stories and console-level graphics. The game offers solid battle animation and unfettered mobile combat, bringing an immersive and epic gaming experience to every players!

An aesthetically immersive magic world is presented through the grand stories and console-level graphics in BLESS GLOBAL. The exquisite medieval architecture, subtle facial animations, and stylistic outfits with intricate designs all contribute to a visually convincing world. With the help of the dynamic lighting and real-time weather system, every tree and blade of grass in this fantastic world is filled with vitality.

To deal with various combat situations, characters of each class have an infinite number of skill and inscription pairing options. They may also change their combat stance to a different class position in the meantime. The Crusaders, for example, are designed to charge forward in battles, yet when changing for a different stance, they may also heal allies at the back of a team, opening up a greater variety of strategies and providing each player with a distinctive combat experience.
When it comes to dungeon challenges, both Team Dungeons (5 players) and Group Dungeons (10 players) in this game require coordinated efforts among players. Since each class has its unique position, players are encouraged to cooperate. Each stage of the progression is made interesting by the game’s intelligent Bosses, trigger-style level mechanics, and interactive cutscenes.

The game offers a highly free character customization system, allowing you to create a unique character from dozens of tweakable facial characteristics. You won’t find another character identical to yours in this game! On top of that, you can make your characters even more unique by giving them different outfits and mounts.

The game offers a wide variety of pets and mounts with distinctive looks. Be it adorable, majestic, or cyberpunk, you will surely find a style that suits your taste. Meanwhile, pets and mounts are more than just ornaments. They can significantly boost your character’s stats after proper cultivation. Being the embodiment of strength and beauty, they are the most trustworthy companions on your adventure!

In BLESS GLOBAL, players from all around the world are connected through the Guild & Social system, which promises interesting Guild Missions and exclusive Guild Skills to help members of a guild grow stronger. You can also farm awesome rewards through Guild Dungeons or join your teammates to fight in Guild Royale!

The game is built upon an open economy without the traditional rules regulating player transactions. All types of tokens circulating in this game are not bound to the characters, so players can trade among them to get the items/tokens they need. In this game, anyone has the potential to become a business tycoon! The Free Duel option may also be manually toggled on and off, allowing players to engage in dueling whenever and wherever they like! It’s time to explore this massive open world for hidden treasures and have a blast playing this mobile MMO!

Bless Global user reviews :

Character creation and everything is perfect except autoplay, if possible add an option to turn off autoplay completely and not activate it by itself in every fight, autoplay totally kills the feeling while playing. If we’re going to be realistic, at least 60% of mmorpg players don’t like autoplay, I understand that there are players who like it because they’re busy because of work or something else, but think about the players who want to play the game and not watch it.

Not all Americans dislike auto future.. some of us older ones actually do enjoy it, but if I ever see an auto feature, in pc games I might just flip.. these below probably, your game is awesome, needs work, but its good, ;) great job devs, I hate people who complain ;) people in the comment section should probably try to make a game, but it’s a great game.

I couldn’t past the menu screen. It auto created my character before the screen even loaded so I tried again and it happened again. Super laggy and super blurry when the characters actually loaded. Just saw a black screen the entire time with sounds. I couldn’t even make my own character or enjoy anything.

There is a lot to do in-game. Since it’s just started there are a lot of bugs and glitches. Character creation is good, shop seems nice not too p2w. Graphics are alryt. For a mobile mmorpg it checks all the boxes. Once all the bugs are fixed it’s on its way to be 5*. And for those who get turned off by autoplay. Just turn it off dude lol.

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