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[Game] Block Blast 3D – Tile Triple M

Block Blast 3D

The best and brand new triple matching puzzle! Fun and challenging!

Different from mahjong classic or mahjong solitaire game.
You need to match three tiles and remove all tiles to complete a level.
It is easy to play, but difficult to master!
Once you start playing, you just won’t be able to put it down!
Ready for the challenge?

Just tap the tile to place it into the box!
Matching three tiles will be collected!
Save the baby birds stuck between the tiles!
When all tiles on the board are collected, you will win!
When the box is full of tiles, you will fail!
Build your tower by the tiles you have just collected!

Enjoy 1000+ fascinating levels (with hundreds more coming in free updates)!
Beautiful skins( Solitaire / Mahjong / Emoji)!
Easy to play but gets more challenging as you level up!
Create your own dream tower by solve the puzzles!

Fun, easy, brainless, relaxing yet challenging, exercise your brain.
Addictive puzzle games for free. Once you start playing, you will be hooked soon.
Challenge your brain. Amazing puzzle games free for kids and adults.
Improves memory, focus, attention and concentration.

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Can you beat these puzzles? They start simply but ramp up fast!
Use your brain and take part in challenges! Let’s see which level you can reach!
It’s relaxing, interesting, addictive, and downright fun.


Block Blast 3D user reviews :

First few levels very easy – as one would expect, then it gets gradually more difficult with the introduction of different symbols on the same colour tiles, and tiles tied together so two have to be removed in one go. Very much a plus point is there are very few ad breaks and no “offers” trying to get you to spend your ‘ard-earned’ One of the better apps I’ve tried so far

Rarely review games but I really like this one. Not too many ads, and the ads you can use to get things you want are actually helpful in keeping you moving forward to the next level. When I tried other apps like this I would end up stuck on a hard level forever and would use all of my clues. The ad options to revive then revive with lightning are life savers.

I *loved* this game until the last couple of updates. With the new hit-the-target-perfectly-timer the likelihood of totally skewed buildings and I hate it! You only have one chance to fix it and if your reaction time is poor, SOL. I was stunned the first time so I have a building level that looks like it was Three Stooges built. I can’t find a way to fix it or turn off the timer slider so I can go back to before the updates. Most unhappy!

  • Sorry to hear you are unsatisfied with the progress of the updates. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates. We’d be happy to improve our app based on your suggestions. I hope you can enjoy our game again in the future.

This game is fun, with good graphics & resolution. 2 things would improve it: (1) once you free 3 birds you would collect the reward automatically (without having to remember which 3 you freed – you could have been at this stage for multiple days), & since player is “paying into” the lightning bolt booster, they should be able to accumulate multiple – not just one until you use it). Otherwise, this is a good brain exerciser & excellent way to relax!

  • Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please email us more specific suggestions at service[at]

Omgosh this game is pissing me off! It’s a great concept but it takes multiple touches to even go to the next level. It’s like it freezes up, I touch and touch to try to go to the next level or to upgrade and nothing, I feel like I’m trying to poke through my phone!! But just when I’m about to uninstall it works until it’s time to go to the next level or upgrade. But once you do get to play is great! It just need the glitches fixed!

  • Thanks for your feedback. We’re sorry to hear that the game does not work properly. You could try to clear the cache, restart the device and ensure that enough memory is available. We hope one of these works for you. If not, please contact us at service[at]

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