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[Game] Zoo Valley – Happy Animal Park

Zoo ValleySave cute animals, build and decorate the most Happy Zoo of your dreams in our match 3 ZOO game for free!

Become the legendary Zookeeper. In our game, you become the Zoo keeper, who takes care of animal welfare.  With your progress through quests you will be a Zoo Builder too, who takes care of Zoo keeping and feeding animals. Once your amazing Zoo is built, you can decorate it to become the true safari jewel. Gather enough coins to tame/unlock more animals and build the true animal kingdom. With our Match-three game you take care of Pandas, monkeys, and many more.

Why will you love our happy safari animal Zoo Match 3 game?

A World of Animals:  If you love animals, our Match 3 game is the ultimate playground for you. Immerse yourself in a world filled with adorable and majestic animals, each waiting for you to discover and care for them. Tame a mighty tiger, build the animal kingdom with a lion on the throne, feed cute pandas, fall in love with a koala, have a crocodile, and more.

Collect Animal Coins to tame more animals. Save them, feed them, make them happy!  Match 3 in a row to feed them and keep them happy. How many animals will you save in your own safari true Zoo?

Ever wondered what is it like to be an animal caretaker for Pandas in Beijing Zoo? Taking care of animals means you have to feed them and make a Happy Zoo with happy animals. Every happy animal, which expands your Zoo, will give you bonus gems  for the next Matching puzzle games.

Become the builder of a new animal Zoo shelter.  Save and take care of animal welfare. Build a new home for a mighty lion, wild tiger, cute panda, happy giraffe, strong bear, funny monkey, and more cute animals. Each anmal needs a place to stay and it is up to you, to build and decorate it.

Match-3 and build: your matching adventure is your quest to success. Solve puzzles and keep Matching jewels to collect coins and gems . Use your winnings to rebuild and expand your ZOO, creating a safe Safari for your favorite animals. You can make it a complete Wonder Zoo.

Expand Your Safari park:  Keep matching to expand and decor your animal park and create a harmonious environment with several decorations for your beloved animals. The more you match, the more you can build, making your ZOO an even more amazing attraction. Decor the Zoo with funny shops and make even your visitors happy.  Make safari matching the greatness of Berlin Zoological Garden.

Puzzles, animals, Decorate Free animal games meet with match 3 game in Safari Zoo Match-3. Solve Match-3 puzzles, tackle challenges, and befriend new animals as you build and decorate your true Zoo.

Tame Legendary animals! Find out more in our free safari game.

Offline Play: Enjoy free games with no need for Wi-Fi. Keep your animal zoo adventure going wherever you are.

While you build your safari, get deeply inspired by the amazing work of the world’s greatest Zoos. Build a Lion shelter as in San Diego Zoo. Keep great rhinos and hippos, like in the Bronx Zoo. Let your visitors enjoy the animal feeding as they do in London Zoo with a spectacular view of Giraffes. Match 3 in a row to build a large Taronga Zoo like Safari park for your animals. Singapore Zoo is famous for its unique rainforest setting for animal exhibits and care for animal welfare. In Toronto Zoo it is possible to enjoy educational experiences. Want your Zoo to be as famous as Prague Zoo? Match 3 in a row to gather more coins, tame new animals, and become even greater than Vienna Zoo.

Thank all the Zoos in the world for amazing work and love they give to animal welfare.

Ready to embark on your zookeeping, Zoo building, Zoo Decorating, and Animal saving adventure?
Enjoy our Offline Zoo Phone Game! Now go Match 3!

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Zoo Valley user reviews :

The game itself might be fun. But you are immediately forced into a barrage of ads in your face. And it’s constant, basically it’s build the old way that failed, unlike giving rewards they just smash it into your face… often I might add. Stopped right after the first few ads within minutes.

  • Hi, It is a pity you don`t like the game and we was evaluated so low. We are trying the do maximum to be fun and better. We are sorry if Ads, are too much intrusive. Ads helps us to support the development of our games.

I love the game so far, but ads after almost every level you complete makes me want to uninstall it again. I’m not having a problem watching ads to get stuff and bonuses though. If you remove the ads when you complete a level, you might get a higher rating for me.

  • Hello, we’re sorry if the ads are too intrusive. They are there to support the development of our free games and free updates. If you like our game, please consider the “no ads” offer. Have a nice day.

The ads are extremely annoying. Other games are similar in play style but do not have ads in them, nor do you have to pay to remove them. This will cause me and countless others to delete this game after a short time.

  • It is a pity you don`t like the game. We are planning to add more features in upcoming updates. We are trying the do maximum to be fun and better. Ads helps to support of development. We are sorry if they are too much intrusive. Thank you for your comment.

I love this game but when I got to level 19 I couldn’t do anything else. I don’t know what to do next. Please help!!!! I am not using real money to get farther in a game. You should be able to play the games to earn what you need instead of having to pay for it!!!!

  • Hello and thank you for stars and your feedback. Please what do you mean by level 19? Is it player level, or game level? Also did you manage to get to Ostrich, or which animal are you currently at? Please let us know all of info you can at info[at]terahype.com. We will do maximum to help you. Have a nice day.

I just started playing …And Its SO AWESOME keep up the great work

  • Hi, great, thank you for sharing your feelings and your 5 star review. We are happy you like it. Please share the Happy Zoo with friends. Enjoy the game and good luck. Have a wonderful relaxing match 3 days.

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