Block Ocean Puzzle 1010 – Stimulate your brain

[Game] Block Ocean Puzzle 1010

Block Ocean Puzzle 1010  Block ocean 1010 is a block puzzle match game that takes place in the ocean.

You can enjoy this block puzzle 1010 game along with fishes and bright background music being played on. The ocean mood will give you a fresh feeling while you are playing this block puzzle game!

This block puzzle 1010 game is simple and very addictive that you can spend your free time with a joy. It also stimulates your brain! To get the best score in block puzzle game 1010, your brain needs to work a lot! Every move counts solving the block puzzle.

To get a point, you need to solve the block puzzle by matching the line vertically or horizontally. There are also special items that help you solve the block puzzle 1010. Try out special abilities and find out which one would be the most helpful item to blast the block puzzle 1010.
You can play with your friends competing who is going to get the highest score. Let’s see who can get the highest score. Be the master of solving block puzzle 1010.

There are many block puzzle games, but Block Ocean Puzzle 1010 is the only block puzzle game that will give you a special experience. The graphic, Back ground music, and the fishes are the unique attractiveness of Block Ocean Puzzle 1010 among many block puzzle games.

Play Block Puzzle Ocean 1010!

How to play Block Puzzle Ocean 1010

Move blocks to match the lines vertically or horizontally!
You will fail when you can’t solve the block puzzle to make room for given blocks!
You can use special items to solve the block puzzle. It will help you a lot to avoid failure!
Check out the leaderboard to check your rank!
Solve the block puzzle as many as you can to get high score!

Game Features
Play game without entrance restrictions, you don’t need data to play block puzzle game!
Play Offline Without Data (Internet) Connections!
Don’t worry about Wi-Fi!

It’s a low-memory block puzzle game, so you can download it without any worry.

Flashy graphics and simple manipulation
It’s an simple block puzzle game to play if you can match blocks to fill the square.

This block puzzle game is easy to learn, but not easy to master!

It’s a free app, but it includes in-game currency, items, and paid products such as removing advertisements.

Front, banner, and visual advertising.

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Block Ocean Puzzle 1010 user reviews :

I love Tetris-based puzzle games, and the prettier the graphics, the better! This game doesn’t disappoint, with its bright jewel tones, and 3D rendering! I also like that it has the capabilty to rotate the pieces. Ads originally showed a timer in the corner, which after 30 seconds of viewing, an X appears to re-enter your game. However, things have deteriorated significantly, so that the X no longer appears. I have to completely exit out of everything, and restart the game!!! This totally sucks!

This game is starting to get really annoying when you start to run out of moves it automatically asks you if you want a bomb to continue playing and if you dont it ends your game for you it does not give you chance to use your keys, rotate or choose new blocks before popping up with bomb option and the adds are very annoying too when I do use the bomb option it will play an ad go back to my game and then jump to another add straight away. Other than that I do love playing the game.

Fantastic puzzle game! Really enjoyable to play. It’s very relaxing and challenging at the same time. A keeper for sure!

Love the game one if the best block games I’ve played, but way to many ad’s really spoil it hence only 3 stars

Really fun puzzle game, It’s like Tetris but underwater.

Its such an exciting challenge as the move- possibilities are many and it keeps one entertained and trying to beat your last score….

Fun and Challenging. Don’t get smaller pieces very often. So far, my score is 91,000

The best game of all block games. I find this game the most relaxing of all the games, I absolutely just love it

Very simple and Amazing game… works as a stress buster for me…

Great if you get yourself enough rotations but without cant do much.

Is a a game that keeps person busy and lovely game, I so love it

This game check all the boxes for puzzle games. I can not put it down.

I just love this game …awesome to spent time with my grandkids

Love the game! It’s owsome to earn colorful fishes. The adds are ok.

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