No Price Needed – Escape the castle

[Game] No Price Needed

No Price Needed  No prince needed is an adorable 2D puzzle platformer where you play as a princess which was kidnapped by evil wizard. Use ability to throw boxes and solve unique puzzles. Escape the castle with the power of your intelligence and platforming skills!

45 levels to beat
Variety of traps
Collectable coins
4 character skins
Pixel art graphics
No ads

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No Price Needed user reviews :

1. I would put controls a bit higher and next level button that appears after level completion way lower. So that you don’t need to reach for it from a particular phone grip this game requires. 2. Progress is saved incorrectly. I finished level 16 several times, went to level 17 and then to menu. Every time 17 wasn’t unlocked in level list.
  • ArmedPandaGames
  • Thanks for your feedback, I will fix that.

Saw this developer’s post on reddit. It takes a little over an hour to complete, with very cool little puzzles. There are levels which require good timing, but the controls are very responsive, so it wasn’t too much of a problem. Solid little game overall, I enjoyed it

This is a really cool game. Found it on Reddit and thought it wouldn’t be that good but it is supprisingly fun. Feels like I am on a gameboy because of the controls and art style. Very unique puzzle game that should have more than at least 1k downloads.

Cute little game, controls well once you get the hang of it. Tip: holding throw and jump make them go further. A couple tiny bugs here and there but not game breaking. No ads!

Awesome game! This is a fun platformer. The controls are great on my phone. The graphics are excellent. There are a decent amount of levels, and it’s awesome, especially for a free game.

Really amazing game. Challenging puzzles. Love the pixelated art work and the 8-bit soundtrack is very pleasant.

Hi dev! Thank you for such a great game. It may be short, but I enjoyed playing it. I wish you inspiration to create new games. Your “ads” on Reddit helped me get acquainted with the game.

Great graphics! The game is free without any ads. Looking forward for updates. Thank you developer.

Nice little platformer with puzzles. Recommended Dev: You should probably persist which coins were already taken, otherwise you get infinite money in the shop.

Super fun little game! Great job. I echo the comment that button positioning could be optimized.

This game is fun, albeit a bit short. For a game that is 100% free with no ads giving it 5 stars is not enough.

Great game! Now give us an option to send you money if we liked it. This is the kind of dev I want to support.

Really fun! NO ADS!!! Well made and a great puzzle game!

Great game, very fun and slightly addictive, simple, yet super fun, levels

Very nice game, also super cute pixels. Love playing this game in class LOL

Lovely graphics, plays well – highly recommended.

Nice game with minimal design and excellent logical thinking game.

A short puzzle platformer. I really like the art style and the music. Some of the levels are quick, and others very challenging, but overall fun. My favorite levels were the ones with portals.

Very nice and thanks for no ads. Just the perfect blend of difficulty and engaging at same time.

It has a few bugs like hold to power up throw not working in some positions and character getting stuck on geometry when walking over boxes and gate opening animations playing again if player walks over an already pressed down button. None of these are game breaking and I’m willing to unsee these thanks to how user friendly it is and because there are no ads.

Completed this game after an afternoon break, and I’d say it’s pretty good overall. I loved the graphics, they were sweet, simple and charming, and the gameplay was brisk and casual while still giving a good brain tease at times. A little more (levels) towards the end and some more coin unlocks would be nice, but what’s here is still fun. The onscreen controls are abit cramped however, making some precise movements difficult at times, so I think an option to adjust them may help with that.

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