Block Puzzle 100 – Improve your memory

[Game] Block Puzzle 100 – Fill lines by tangram cube

Block Puzzle 100  BLOCK PUZZLE 100 is guaranteed to feed your mind!

It is carefully crafted to enhance your logic skills, expand your imagination, enrich your creativity, and improve your memory.

BLOCK PUZZLE 100 is simple, yet challenging and calming at the same time. No time pressure, start and stop when you have a moment free. Great for everyone, young to seniors!


Drag the blocks onto the grid to make lines vertically and horizontally. You can make scores by clearing blocks as many as possible.

The goal is to beat yourself by getting new high score every single day.

Furthermore, for EVERY 100 points you get, you’ll earn 1 coin. You can use your coins to rotate any blocks and select your favorite theme skins.

The result is a total mental workout that will bring out the best in you!


Friendly app that won’t drain your device.
Available for block rotation
Beautiful theme choices to make your experience even more exciting!
Switch button on gameplay screen to set day/night background mode or block’s design
Game is auto-saved! Come back anytime without losing your progress!
Leaderboards access to update your ranking!
This app offers in-app purchases.

Play BLOCK PUZZLE 100 to level up your brain power today! We’re sure you will love it!

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Block Puzzle 100 user reviews :

Block Puzzle 100-Fill lines game gives many chances to keep getting a higher score with Vaught encouragement notification to keep going,trying to do better each time.

Love this game but it has quit working. Emailed the developer and sent in a report. No answer. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, force stopped many times and still opens but I can’t play. I’d really like to keep playing. Several days later and I haven’t heard from anyone and the game is still frozen. Can’t even move a block into a place

This game is so fun there’s alit great rewards .The colors or great they draw you in,making you want to play again and and again.Also,the block is so big, it is is challenging to connect the blocks. I left and came back to this game.Try it!

Fun, fast and glitch-free. I’ve been searching fir something light-weight (size), fast and addictive. This is it! I paid for the ad-free upgrade and am delighted! Loads fast, no lag, great time-waster.

I like block games, especially with themes. However, I think you should be able too unlock the themes with both coins and/or watching so many adds for each theme. Because you hardly get any coins and stuff in game, so it would make it alot more possible and alot more fun. Something too think about…

no level system, limited pop-up ads, simplistic but aesthetic design, it’s perfect. you can play it offline, and your games are never erased or forgotten. would recommend way more than the other constantly advertised block puzzle apps.

So fun and simple. Good to pass time or play for a long time. I love that you can change the color schemes too and also there isn’t an ad in your face every 2 seconds.

Game is simple. Nice colours. Not a lot going on, so it is low stimuli and relaxing. Choose light or dark background. Ads are relatively unobtrusive.

It stopped working, just frozen, cannot move any pieces. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. Sad because i really enjoyed it.

New update is too small and hard to see. Too much on the screen has made the game board impossible to play. Please change it back.

Pleasingly Brite Palette of Colours & Nice Game Board – It tricks you more than I care to be tricked – giving me ! of 3 pieces to play & that knocks me out -&- then REPLAY – That’s not Kool but I’m not complaining’ I enjoy it game so much I had to look up this exact game and install on another device if mine!!

Was great for awhile then all of the sudden it now freezes up. I’m afraid to uninstall/reinstall because I don’t want to lose my high score.

Can you please fix the game, it is slightly too wide for Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018), because 10%-15% is missing from first and last columns. Thanks.

Love this game. Makes you think and strategize. Helps keep your brain sharp.

Great way to pass the time! Play a few times and you will see a strategy evolve.

Awesome game! Strategy and challenge are always thumbs up. Increasing score is always nice.

Great to pass time, relax and wind down. Ads are rare and unobtrusive.

I like this one better than the wood puzzle i like the colors of the blocks and it give me some yellow jems

I enjoy this game, wish I could get back to the color game. I don’t like the brown that I ended up with

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