Juicy Stack – How far can you stack before your tower goes bust

[App] Juicy Stack – 3D Fruit Block & Tile Puzzle

Juicy Stack  Relax and have fun playing Juicy Stack while solving fruity 3D stacking puzzles.

Unlock new juicy fruit tiles as you progress — watermelon, corn, kiwi, pomegranate, and many more.

If tetris is your jam, you will fall in love with Juicy Stack!

How far can you stack before your tower goes bust?


Unlock Tower Themes
Relaxing and addictive gameplay
Simple controls
Live scoreboards

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Juicy Stack user reviews :

I love the gameplay. The premise of the game is really fun but sometimes the controls are a bit wonky. I try to flip the piece but instead it will go down. Also, there are way too many ads. I’ll say that I don’t want to watch an ad to continue when I die but then it will show me an ad anyway. Then when I come back from the ad (asked for or unwanted), it’s frozen. Every. Single. Time. So then I have to exit and go back in. Just a pain.

There are quite a few issues I have with this game 1. Ads. So. Many. Ads. The amount of ads make this game unplayable, and freeze the game periodically. 2. Controls. They read the wrong input. A lot. I swipe up to flip a tile, it rotates it. I swipe left or right to rotate. It gets thrown down instead. 3. Design. I’ve failed many levels because it reads the tower as too high for the newly spawned tile when the tower is still clearing out to the point where there is plenty of space to use.

The game has a good concept put has many adds. It has an add after every level weather you fail or pass the level. It also stops and gives you an extra add once you pass a level that is a multiple of 10. I don’t know if I am the only one with this problem but every time I close and reopen the app it resets my progress. I got to level of 60 then closed the game, the next day when I opened it again it took me through the tutorial and reset me back to level 1.

The game is great. Simple controls make for a pleasant user interface and the difficulty is just nice for a good challenge. But the ads are not fun. I mean if you make me watch an ad when I lose a game I can understand, but this game makes you watch an ad whenever you level up, even if you’re halfway through a stage. It’s absolutely annoying and I’m uninstalling because of that.

Ads… So. Many. Ads. Once in a while to get ahead? Sure. I am guilty of watching ads after passing a level to get more coins or whatever… But, this app… I pass/fail a level? Bang! Ad! Would you like to watch an ad to continue this level? No? Too bad! Here’s an ad! It’s a good game!!! One that I’m going to have to delete because I can’t go from point a to point b without 20 ads in the way! Also, the controls are kind of wonky… I wanna turn the oncoming tile one way and it drops instead.

I love the concept of the game. the issue is that it’s so poorly optimized that my inputs are almost all read as down, when there’s left, right, and up to pick from as well. short of actually optimizing the game, adding a button option instead of swiping being the only way would probably remedy this. as much as I love the premise, a game that’s barely playable will never get more than 2 stars from me.

This game is fun to play but without sound, it gets boring. But then the game becomes irritating with the constant ads that freeze the game from time to time. The ads are intrusive and yet, they’re there every 10 levels and every time you lose. I would love to give this game z higher rating if there’s an update that releases soon to fix some problems.

Great idea for fast-paced puzzle game! Love it! BUT my app crashes every 5 minutes of continuous gameplay and I lose whatever level progress I’m on. Sometimes it doesn’t register the swipe direction I choose and does the wrong thing (sometimes messing up the combo I had running for the last 2 minutes). There are way too many ads (as you will see other moments about) just play offline, no ads! If devs can clean it up and minimize or prevent crashing, I will happily give 5 stars!

Love the game, but seems kinda pointless because you can never empty the stack. Would be cool if there were different ways to play, like an arcade mode that is level based (emptying the stack) and survival mode that would operate like the current game. Same issue as everyone else with the controls being a lil finiky, but if you are careful you can manage. All games are loaded with ads anymore so thats not surprizing, but a little longer game play between ads would be nice.

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