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Domino DreamsWelcome to Domino Dreams!

Play this fun, free to play domino royal game created for Solitaire and Domino lovers and discover a new world in the most relaxing board game in the world!

Domino Dreams is a fun game for all domino and solitaire tripeaks lovers! Solve challenging domino puzzles and help King Richard on his royal tour adventure! Just play and relax while you enjoy the game’s art design.

Thousands of domino levels are waiting for you upon this grand royal journey of fun and excitement, for domino and solitaire players. Solve the challenging puzzles by finishing all your Domino bones in your hand, win coins and unlock new levels and new adventures along the way. Design, build, harvest the crops and decorate King Richard’s realm, with the help of his royal peon staff. The road ahead is surprising and full of wonders, be sure the drama will never end!

Domino Dreams features:
A unique dominoes experience!
Play for free and win grand prizes!
Neverending levels of fun and excitement!
Explore and harvest the royal kingdom and help make it greater than ever!

Download now to accompany our beloved King Richard the 3rd, as he sets his mind to embark on a royal journey to tour his realm! Explore the kingdom and unlock more and more levels, grand challenges, and new worlds to build, crops to harvest, design and decorate. Take care of the royal kingdom’s towns, homes and gardens.

Discover the royal game of dominoes – a new exciting way to enjoy the greatest board game in the world! Play to win coins and Gold Stars and fill up your royal treasury.  Help the king and his Peon team overcome challenging obstacles and make sure the quest is fit for a king. Harvest your success by using your domino money and prizes to design and build the kingdom and celebrate the love of the peon citizens for his royal highness, King Richard.

The challenging levels never end! Get bonus wild dominoes that will help you solve each challenge. Improve and harvest your Domino skills and be the master of the board. Complete a series of moves to win the special streak bonus and receive rewards, boosters and more coins! All you need to do is to finish the Domino bones in your hand to become the winner!

Solve countless domino puzzles on this free to play domino game and keep unlocking more levels of fun and enjoyment for domino and solitaire lovers! The grand adventure awaits. Let your brain loose with this new neverending Domino game, download the game for free

Domino Dreams is free on all devices with in-app purchases.

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Domino Dreams user reviews :

Domino! I played this for about 4 weeks. I like the game alot. But only gave it 2 stars due to issues. That was a year ago. Re-installed it recently and had a good time with it for about 2 weeks like before. But this time, when going to continue, it has begun to black out. I usually don’t mind ads. But the ads now are long, about 1/2 a minute, but then run in two, three or four stages, kasting well over a minute compounded. I don’t buy from online ads anyway. No change in my ratingxz!!.

So….the game is cute and lots of fun BUT….. I feel like the coins you need to continue is a little much. Then if you fail the level and you have already spent all your coins just trying to finish the level, you only get to play one time an hour if you fail it. Maybe there should be more ways to earn coins to keep playing than just waiting for an hour for 2000 or so coins just to fail and be broke again for another hour and not being able to play the game at all. It’s kinda a bummer.

I’m a big fan of Dice Dreams and now I’m also addicted to this game as well. It is so fun and only wish I can play more sometimes without spending money. I like that there aren’t too many ads and I like the fact you can earn rewards by winning. I’m looking forward to further development in the game. Keep up the great work guys. This one is a keeper!

Its fun just like their other game, Dice Dreams, but the downside is running out of coin to purchase another game to play. Stuck on a level and ran out and have to wait an hour for 2000 more to play one game and if lucky maybe one after that, but the levels are getting harder and going up in price too! So use the coins wisely as to always have plenty for the fun game play

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