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Blood PressureBlood pressure tracker – is an indispensable app which will allow you to log high blood pressure measurements (or low), pulse or heart rate and finally take hypertension or hypotension under control.

With the help of the cardio journal, you can easily take care of your heart health. All data in the diary can be quickly and easily analyzed on different charts, showing the trends, the changes, the average values for the day, week, 2 week and month periods and etc.

The main functionality of the app:

One touch tonometer readings adding – monitor and log blood pressure: systolic, diastolic, pulse and weight, add comments and notes for each measurement;
Track your daily well-being – make the dependence between the low or the high track blood pressure and your mood (condition);
A smart system of tags that allows Blood Pressure Tracker to be really helpful. With this system you can find out the trends of pressure changes and understand what it is related to;
View all data in the journal on 11 different charts. You can configure the charts for your needs. See everyday values, or view average values for a day, week or month. For example, if you have hypertension – do you know what is the cause and what is the effect. And what affects this the most?;
Track medications your cardiologist recommend and analyze their effectiveness. When you track blood pressure you can add a medication to the measurement and find out its effect. Did it help and should I take it longer, or the dosage is too high/low, or it even doesn’t help at all?;
Notifications system – quickly and conveniently adjusted – now you will never forget to about the cardio journal. The most important thing in heart health is the consistency, stability, and regularity of data entry. By the way, you can also set notifications for the medications you take, and now you will never forget to do too;
Export the data and the charts from the cardio diary to the e-mail, text files or to .XLS and .PDF. Now you can easily present a picture of your health to your doctor;
Automatic data backup to the SD or the internal storage of the phone. Sometimes it is very important to have a long history of your BP changes for heart health, so you can be sure that all the data you add to the cardio diary are safe.

Diary of pulse rates and arterial blood pressure tracker (monitor) will be a great assistant for any person experiencing problems with heart diseases, who suffer from hypertension (increased BP) or hypertension (low BP) diseases.

What is TAG system? This is a lot of possibilities in your pocket – you can set tags before entering each tonometer readings – before dinner, after a sports activity, driving and etc. So, later, it will be very easy and effective due to log blood pressure to find out what factors and things make you suffer from high or low BP. Isn’t it great to know?

Everyone must know. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the normal BP range is systolic 95 – 120 mmHg and diastolic 65 – 80 mmHg. But, every person has personal normal ranges. It depends on his lifestyle or health condition, for example for one person the systolic value of 130 mmHg could be normal, but for another person, this value can be extremely high. This data must be established by your health care provider. So, in the application blood pressure tracker, we use ranges system and everyone con set up if for himself. Be sure to find out your normal limits of systolic and diastolic BP.

Important: remember that to get your BP you must have a monitor (tonometer) on hand to enter the data in the cardio journal. The blood pressure app is in no way capable of independently measuring pulse or BP(like any other).

For any questions, ideas, and suggestions, please write to our contact e-mail.

Blood Pressure user reviews :

Great great app, with a lot of useful features to be learned. I see the app working smooth and nice, … So far I could not find something better for my needs. I have paid version and something to say to Developer…1) on the DATA’s right side screen, the Condition colored line at the edge of the phone’s screen…that line must be about 1/4″ or so wide due to the fact that the phone’s screen is round and that line is not visible from certain angle. 2) Custom color for TAGS and CONDITION LINE.

Easy to use & good visuals. Displays data & statistics multiple ways which is helpful to understand your blood pressure health. (The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the ads block the whole screen and you have to look for the Countdown, “Skip Ad” or “X” that could be just about anywhere on the ad to trick you into accidentally opening the ad link.)

It’s a good app, it does what it should. Could be telling you a bit more about the results, if the average is good or not, give the possibility to set your brackets for results. Also the way how it looks when exported could be much better. These are small things to make the app perfect, but still it’s free and works good, so I really recommend it!

Contains all the essentials in a user friendly format. Displays sequential readings on an organized screen. Includes an option to share the data via text or email. Nice app without unnecessary bells and whistles. It’s all I need.

Very easy to use, especially the export function. Made one time payment for export to PDF and no ads. These have gone and I would now have to subscribe for the same things I paid for. I will switch to another app. The developer contacted me and resolved my issue. This is excellent.

My favourite feature of this app is that it’s possible to generate data based on tags so you can ascertain how different factors impact your blood pressure and take action accordingly. I wish that it would show basal temperature to 2 decimal places. The graph takes it into consideration, but only 1 decimal place displays.

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