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[Game] Books of Wonder Hidden Objects

Books of Wonder Hidden ObjectsThe incredible seek and find games are about to begin!

Enter the mysterious library where the ominous secret society hid the Books of Wonders and become the greatest detective who will find the hidden objects, solve the criminal case and reveal their secrets! Download a unique collection of free hidden objects games and embark on an amazing journey, never seen before. You will experience the most thrilling hidden object mystery games, so come along!

Books of Wonders – free seek and find games

Collection of hidden object mystery games with hundreds of locations to explore – from journey through a fairytale land, gruesome hidden city, or join a creepy criminal case detective investigation;
Original hidden objects games available in 15 languages;
Thousands of hidden pictures to find in these amazing relaxing games for women;
Find the hidden objects free in fantastic 3D scenes and enjoy your detective journey;
Free seek and find games for women with many challenging ways to play.

Explore a series of original seek and find games to find the hidden objects and play without limits! Choose a story, visit a hidden city with the secret society, solve a detective criminal case, and explore other scenes full of hidden pictures. Your task is to complete all the hidden object mystery games before the new one begins. Dive into these amazing free hidden objects games for women, unlock a new detective journey, and discover more hidden pictures games and puzzles.

How to play Books of Wonders – Hidden Object Mystery Games:

Go on a journey with one of the free hidden objects finding games with a theme you like;
Search the scene to find the hidden objects and move to the next detective case;
Enlarge the image to play finding games easier;
Use hints to complete seek and find games if you get stuck looking for hidden pictures;
Take a break from free hidden objects by playing fun mini detective puzzles;
Complete all the hidden object mystery games and start the next journey.

Download hidden objects games free and set out on an unforgettable journey!

Hidden objects finding games are a great way to relax and train your mind. It’s one of the most entertaining concentration games you’ll play. Our collection of free seek and find games offers you hours of fun and more! There is a large variety of themes that you can choose from and find the hidden objects without limits! Here you have it all, from classic hidden objects games, crime scene detective mystery, journey to a hidden city, haunted hospital escape or fun house cleaning and romance-inspired seek and find games for women. So download Books of Wonders – Free Hidden Objects Games and choose among fairytale magic scenes, criminal case detective investigation, pirate ship journey, and many other mystery games for women.

Best hidden object games 2021 are here – choose your detective journey!

The hidden object journey is about to begin! Wonder around a magic land and enchanted forest, explore the ancient hidden city, discover the lost island and reveal hidden treasure. Infiltrate the secret society and investigate the crime scene to solve a criminal case and become the greatest police detective; do a house cleaning of a princess castle or play free seek and find games in a deep blue sea to save the little mermaid. Download free finding games and choose your journey NOW!

Webelinx hidden object games for women are a perfect way to spend the day!

Get Books of Wonders – Hidden Objects Mystery Games and enjoy hours of fun. Train your concentration with fabulous hidden pictures finding games 2021. Reveal mysteries of a hidden city and a haunted hospital, uncover secrets about a detective criminal case, do a kitchen cleaning and when you get tired, go on a summer vacation or a treasure hunt journey with a pirate ship. The detective adventure begins now!

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Books of Wonder Hidden Objects user reviews :

At first I thought, “another hidden object game, blah, blah”!! Then, I got fully into playing! Aswell as the absolutely amazing, colourful scenes, I also like the fact that on this game there are different search parameters to the usual hidden object game.Like the round that shows zoomed in sections of the picture(Found the round hard but enjoyable! )Very unique game! In a sub-genre that can drown some games, this one will definitely swim!!

Amazing graphics! Just relaxing fun! (UPDATE) why in the world did you change the values for completing each step of the pages? It still says in the tips and facts that the best time to collect the most points is during the timed round. 5 points, no matter how many objects you find, it’s bs! *in reponse* You do you, I will uninstall.

  • We are working on improving the gameplay mechanics in order to make the game more challenging and interesting to play. As the game progresses the value changes.

Love this game. This one is fun and a little different. I love the book concept and collecting stickers. I think this one beats the others by far. Been awhile since there has been new games so glad this one came up. Graphics are great. There are 11 books with 10 pages per book. Great game! UPDATE: Thanks so much for adding a new book with so many pages!!! I was almost done with the game and then there was the update. The new book has 30 something pages! BEST hidden object game I have played!!!

Thanks so much for the awesome review. Please tell your friends about the game and what they are missing out on

So far, it’s an interesting game, not too difficult, but I expect that to change as the game progresses. There are too many ads. It would be nice if ads could be shorter and if we didn’t have to see the same ads all the time. If I see an ad for Royal Match while playing this game, I’ll delete the game. A minute and a half for boring and somewhat violent game…

And so I was right. It is super fun and adventurous. Especially I loved the book of little mermaid. But it gets a little hard at the time part. And also loved the fun facts it will be cool if you add more their cool also the tips gives instructions and tells about the game which is cool too but the problem is the tips or the fun facts comes at a lots if moments. Like when I want to start the game there they are when I want to go back to the book their they are again. Thats the only problem.

  • Thank you for your feedback! Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see in the game!

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