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Boom MergeFor the best gaming experience, we recommend that you play Boom Merge on a device with more than 3GB of RAM!

*Simple rules, easy to play, a puzzle game full of cute animals that everyone can enjoy!
*Merge-3, Matching, Mahjong, Strategy – a variety of addictive game elements to pass your free time!

A mysterious island, a magical and beautiful animal city, where lovely animals with different personalities live peacefully in this thriving city. But an Evil Fire has emerged and plunged this once enchanting city into a terrifying fog…

Come and discover the mysteries of Animal City and use your magical merging powers to save the endangered animal inhabitants and bring this beautiful theotown back to life!

Merge & Upgrade
Everything can be merged! The merge magic allows you to merg all items and upgrade them into better, more powerful beings to help you save and rebuild the sim city.
But merging isn’t that simple, you need to use your intelligence and strategy to solve the puzzles! Use your merging skills wisely to wake up more of Animal City’s inhabitants!

Explore & Puzzle
Water the dry land with precious clean water, merge 3 to discover more fantastical creatures and collect them to see what happens!
As you continue to explore new areas of the designer city, meet more interesting characters in the world merge puzzle and what stories are the inhabitants hiding?
Beat the colorful, evermerge merge and match-3 levels to renovate and decorate Animal City! Unlocking more tropical merge world maps along the way in the exciting adventure chef merge tales story!

Strategy & Matchmaking
A new mahjong merge game with fun objectives and easy to pick up! Puzzles start with the easy and become more challenging and exercise your brain!
Those who enjoy the puzzle, strategy, memory, and brain training challenges games like crossword, chess, mahjong, word connect, solitaire and patience will love the fun Mahjong map!
Get rewarded with more supplies as you match 3D mahjong tiles to help build Animal City!

Collecting & Managing
There are so many mysteries to discover, collect and organise them and mergegems to win the royal match King Collector rewards!
Meet animal residents from all walks of life and work together to create a colourful merge kingdom metropolis.

Luck & Surprises
Get more animal inhabitants easily in zoo merge with the Crazy Gacha!
Crazy Boom Day, where extra resources can be dropped for consumption to help you build your animal kingdom faster.
Specially designed resorts for your animal inhabitants to host a fun merge dragons animal party!

Build & Design
Expand the population and increase the prosperity of your merge town; build cosy huts for your residents to rest and combine work and play to become a happy animal kingdom, merge sea.
Upgrade to create unique simcity buildit and decorations, with over 11 different area tiles and unlimited customisation to create your own fantasy merge island!
Unlock beautiful decorations and high-tech buildings to grow and develop your animal fox merge county, and make-over freely to populate your hames!

By rationally arranging these buildings, constructing and upgrading, your cities skylines will continue to evolve and eventually become a stunning metropolis, and your friends will cheer for you, epic city builder!
It’s the perfect merging games, combine games and match casual game, where you can merge anything! 10 times the fun makes you 201 happy merge!

Are you ready to simulate the perfect mege city game and enjoy the marge & world-building puzzle game with dream merge gardens? There’s no time to lose to save Animal City!
Merge to build your unique mergeland and get the thrill.
Get free games, collect game, murge games, merge apps! Download it now!

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Boom Merge user reviews :

When playing in one of the worlds, if you stop playing on one of the levels, you can come back and start fresh on that level. However, in the Black Gold City I’ve been stuck in the same level for weeks. Never resets and the items I need to complete the level can only be obtained if it resets since I accidentally got rid of the items. Also, have to watch videos twice in order to get the reward. Getting very frustrating.

After the recent update, I can’t build any camping tent, banks, and etc beyond assigned number (1~5). There’s a clock saying it will refresh in 6 hours, but it’s been a few days and the clock keeps resetting itself and still counting down for 6 hours. In other words, I can’t build anything and I’m losing interest of playing. Please fix this issue. *** Thank you for fixing this issue promptly. I have updated the rating from 1 star to 5 stars.

  • Dear Mayor, I am sorry for the inconvenience. We have fixed the problem you reported. You can try to update the version to fix it. If you have any questions feel free to contact us via our FB, have a nice day. FB: Boom Merge: Build Zoo Sim City Email: boommerge[at]

Lag after every action since the update is driving me nuts. Before the update, this game was Awesome, not too hard not too easy and constantly something to do. Not like other games where you would have to wait for energy to do anything. You can keep going merging without it. Or travel to a different city. I would give you a five but right now until this lag is fixed, a three and a half stars is what I rated you.

  • Dear Mayor, sorry for the inconvenience. We have fixed the problem you reported. You can try the updated version to solve it. If you have any questions feel free to contact us via our FB, have fun! Our FB: Boom Merge: Build Animal City Email: boommerge[at]

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