Boomerang RPG – The story of the Boomerang Dude now unfolds

[Game] Boomerang RPG

Boomerang RPGHundreds of years ago… There was a place called Dude World.

Some demons started attacking out of nowhere, like they always do in these sorts of games…

Like a hero in the legends, a brilliant baby Dude was born in the Dude World.

The baby, as if it wanted to show everyone how capable it was,
firmly gripped a boomerang flying straight towards him!

The story of the Boomerang Dude (You) now unfolds!

Aim for the demon and throw your boomerang!
Train the great Dude! Collect and enhance boomerangs!
Equip all sorts of magic effects on your boomerang!
Work together with great Dudes to take down demons!

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Boomerang RPG user reviews :

The game is very fun, but it is very laggy (for me at least) and crashes often. I’m mostly fine with the lag, but the crashing makes the game unplayable sometimes. Most of the time it crashes after the title screen or a few seconds after. The crashing really diminishes my enjoyment of the game. I’ve read a few other reviews and it seems like the title screen crashes happens to a lot of people.

this game doesn’t give enough feedback. like there’s nothing to do, everyday. u can finish all the thing in 3 mins. and it won’t help u push to the next level. i will have to spend more than a week to push one level. and then I can probably go push 20 more level and stop again for more than a week. not even resource, the upgrade require much more than what you can get. and the event doesn’t have even resource for u to use. to be fair, slayer legend is a much better game in resource balancing

Game itself is pretty good, a pretty basic idle formula, which I don’t mind. My main issue with the game is that at a certain point progress is impossible without paying, I have already spent on 3 different packs but it doesn’t take long for that money to have been wasted because you will just be hit by another wall which is impossible to get through without paying even more. I have used sleep mode to progress, but it also becomes irrelevant after some time due to slow progression.

Can’t get it to load. Get to load screen, black with music playing. It might then go to a loading screen (where I click accept on both boxes), and it gets to say 96% complete… and it’ll stop. Stayed on that screen a good 10 mins to see if it would load but nothing. I have updated, uninstall and reinstalled. I just want to play!

It was an okay “idle” game but pretty much daily updates and pressure to buy premium (in game pop ups/offers) and paywall levels kinda kills the game. Sure, you can definitely advance FTP but it’s a long road filled with ads – NO, NOT ad-ridden but you need to watch an ad for every premium item and cool down between ads. You need premium content cause you don’t get anywhere otherwise; P2P or long road F2P if you want to invest the time.

Playing on newest android version and the game constantly crashes and occasionally when it does it opens my settings and freezes my phone for a few minutes literally can’t cut it off or anything. I just downloaded so I know I haven’t done anything to cause this. Good concept tho just don’t know if it’s worth the risk of needing a new phone

Game design is good, music is moderately interesting, but the math is poor. Dungeons and some bosses are scaled wrongly, so your progression and health/atack of bosses is not in linear (or near linear) dependency. Otherwise, it feels good when you finally get through (after several days in almost continuous sleep mode). My advice – play one day, rest the other.

THANK YOU, originally the game crashed when started but after the update that’s no longer a problem making this a pretty good game. Also if possible can you make the loot look more fun wood Boomerrangs are great but imagine if it was like a duck or shark that all had different effects, thank you for the great game either way

This game is good if you can afk and in my personal experience it dosent crash ,but I think that they can fix how long it takes to go to other stages such as perhaps skipping stages I think this feature may make people want to get it if it was an upgrade or something such as that,thank you.

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