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[Game] My Dragon – Virtual Pet

My DragonHave you been dreaming of having a dragon as a pet? Your dream is coming true with My Dragon. Adopt an adorable dragon with our simulator.

Meet your new virtual friend that looks and behaves like a real dragon. Just look at those majestic eyes and listen to its joyful roar. It will fill your heart with warmth and brighten your day. Play with your dragon, feed it yummy treats, take it on adventures, and enjoy endless fun. Show your dragon love, and it will return it tenfold. Take your dragon wherever you go; it’s always by your side.

Your faithful tamagotchi friend needs your love, care, and attention. Discover the My Dragon’s world.


AUGMENTED REALITY. Use your smartphone camera, press the AR button, and your dragon will appear in your house.
FUNNY MEMORIES. Take cute photos of your virtual dragon and share them with friends or show off on social media.
EXTRA ITEMS. Take care of your charming dragon, play with it, and enjoy extra items as a reward.
SO REAL. Dragon reacts to your every touch. Stroke it or scratch its cute little nose with your finger.
MORE FUN. While your home dragon is asleep or occupied with some important dragon business, you can set new records in an exciting Summer Job match 3 game with more than 400 levels or play fun mini-games.

Experience thrilling dragon adventures, witness how your dragon grows, learns to fly, plays, and shares precious moments with you. Don’t leave your adorable virtual dragon waiting too long! Everyone loves playing with My Dragon — it’s a blast!

It is your time to get a dragon. Give it all your love, and you will have the most faithful flying friend ever.

Subscribe for Premium and get unlimited access to all the game features:

Unlock all premium items
Unlock AR mode
Free daily coins
No Ads

It’s your chance to get and raise your dragon. Love it, and you’ll have the most loyal and cuddly virtual friend ever. Enjoy playing My Dragon.

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My Dragon user reviews :

Dev responded kindly so I bought the no ads pack. It is six dollars so beware. It plays like a watered down talking tom. Very cute though. It constantly gives me banners for paid content, and there are still optional ads that don’t warn you It will be an ad. The dragon only sleeps for 5 minutes so it’s much better than the hours of my tamagotchi forever sleeping. If you want lots of cute animations of a dragon it’s good, but try with ads for a while before deciding to pay.

  • Hello, thank you for your review! We are sorry our game left such an impression. We will try to keep ads less annoying, but right now they help us develop the game and provide new updates. You can also remove Ads by in-app purchase. Our team would appreciate if you rate us higher to support us.

I’ve always wanted a game that I could raise a dragon. That being said if you want to play the free version you get an ad every other tap of the page or you have to pay through the nose for the paid version. If there wasn’t so many ads I’d consider it… yes I understand the need for ads but this is bogged in them.

  • Hello! We are sorry our game left such an impression. We will try to keep ads less annoying, but right now they help us develop the game and provide new updates. Also, you can remove ads by in-app purchase. Please, give us another chance and support our project with one more star!

This game is great my favorite game the only mess up is when he comes in your house, he doesn’t quite walk arou nd or when you move he goes through walls and stuff so its just my favorite game otherwise

This game is best I like the dragon he’s so adorable man so cute Ile his adorable sound I well rate this game 5 star

I love soooooooo much this game. The expretion is goood. It is good for kid like me (don’t worry i am 10 years old). But in my whol life i have never like a game so much. I loooooooooove this game … There is more..

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