With My CAT – Find the cat of destiny

[Game] With My CAT

with My CATLife Changes, but Friendship Never Changes

Attention: cat lovers and animal lovers,
Spend more time with your kittens and get to know them.
Various kinds and personalities. Let’s start a new life with unique kittens.

Cats in this game
Calico cat, tricolor cat, bicolor cat, tabby, Japanese cat, Scottish Fold, American Shorthair, Bengal, Russian Blue cat, British Shorthair, Abyssinian and Exotic Shorthair.
230 kinds of cats with different fur colors and patterns.

Meet new cats at Friends Plaza
Find the cat of destiny.
Spend your time with the special one? or try to see how many cats you can meet?
Utilize Friends Hotel and Foster Parents as well.

Keep a cat on your smartphone
Interact with your kitten anytime, anywhere.
Your kittens will recognize your voice.
The outside sceneries will change according to the time you actually spend.
Take AR photos/videos of your cats in your room or outside, and post them on SNS with #withmycat

Your own family
Costumes, hats, glasses and more. Unique items over 600 kinds.
Give your kitten a stencil mark to make them special.
Cat’s room interior-decoration can also be customized.

Free-to-play, a cat simulation game. Let’s start a new life with your kitty.

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With My CAT user reviews :

Not much ADs unlike other games. The graphics are nice and adjustable to support your device. You can interact with cats! They are very cute. If you are a cat lover, you def need this. Although there is one problem, when you try doing the AR mode, it sometimes just stretches the screen to the max and just present ths colors of my background, but thats all. Thanks Devs! I had to uninstall tho, I don’t have much storage left, but i’ll install once I get more storage. Love this game! Ty devs!

I think it’s the best cat simulation game in the whole wide world I really love it and you really calms me down and the cats actually act like real cats in real life I have two cats at home and the cats inside here act just like them they did a really good job of making this app and I really love this app and we’ll give it five-stars!

the cats act more like dogs than they do cats , should probably fix that ( found out you have a dog version so it seems you’ve just took the dog animation from it , bit lazy.

Great graphics, absolutely no ads and very fun to play. I have been playing over a month now, and the only thing that should maybe be fixed is the cat’s animation when getting pet. Instead of purring, it just sticks its tongue out. On top of that, a great game. Really Reccomend this game.

Love the game! I started playing this today and fell in love with my Bengal. 5 stars, yet the only gripe that I have is how do I get my camera to work, because I want to take pictures of the cat.

The perfect game if you can’t afford a real pet. Not a cash grab or anything, although coins are spent up fast, that issue is neutralized by the fact that if you just care for your pet, you earn plenty! The cats’ behavior is a bit more like a dog’s. When they get pet, you’d expect them to purr, but instead they stick out their tongue, also it takes up too much space, and why can we only choose from one cat and skin? Very cheap, but overall, great game.

It’s cute, but there are still some bugs that need to be fixed. Once in awhile, the game freezes up. Also, the cats act more like dogs than cats. They don’t purr when you pet them, instead, their tongues hang out. I would also like to see this game go online, as it takes up too much storage on a phone. Otherwise, I would give it 5 star

I love it. You can play it without paying money. And the cats are so cuteeeee. I like it that you can put for adoption on the other cats to have space or put them in the hotel. The things to do is fine but the walking in the park takes too much time. But its great

First, the Scottish fold looks like Fizzgig from The Dark Crystal, not a cat. Sort of looks like a possum too. Also, there’s a number of aspects (like feeding and watering seperately, placing stickers on the cat) that make no sense. I suppose if you want a time waster, but there are better cat sims. Ones that don’t teach poor nutrition. (Kittens need to be weaned into dry food, usually 8 weeks at min.)

I love this Kitty game it’s like having kitties on my own but I have one concern. How come you can only have 3 kitties I think you should have as many as you like. Cause I’m having a little problem about it if I should Get another kitty And replacement or should I just keep my other kitties. Please make it so you can get as many kitties as you like put it in an update or something like that

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