Braindoku – Only the sharpest minds can overcome them

[Game] Braindoku – Sudoku Block Puzzle

BraindokuEmbark on an epic adventure like no other with Braindoku, the ultimate block puzzle game that will put your IQ and puzzle-solving skills to the test!

Journey through mesmerizing fantasy worlds, each filled with untold riches and captivating mysteries. As you travel, you’ll encounter diverse landscapes and unique backgrounds, immersing yourself in the enchanting realms of Braindoku. But beware, challenges lie ahead, and only the sharpest minds can overcome them!

In this addictive game, you hold the key to unlocking the treasures of each world. Strategically place blocks on the 9×9 board to fill rows, columns, or squares and witness the magic unfold. Every clever move will clear the path to adventure, earning you precious points and unlocking new horizons to explore.

Customize your surroundings by unraveling intricate Sudoku block puzzles. Can you master the art of puzzling and claim the grand prizes at the end of each world?

But Braindoku isn’t just a game; it’s an odyssey of the mind. Prepare to enhance your mental agility and elevate your IQ as you delve deeper into these captivating realms. Suitable for adventurers of all ages, this brain-training experience promises an immersive and addictive way to improve your cognitive prowess.

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey? Download Braindoku today and set forth on an adventure that will challenge and delight you at every turn!

Our Features:
Adventure Journey World
Quick to understand rules, easy to control
Play with friends
Get rewarded big
Game for all ages
Small game size
Playable offline

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Braindoku user reviews :

The game has a few bugs in it like it freezes. Also it sticks on a board whether or not you have cleared it. Once that happens you are forced to close out the game and reopen it. In 30 minutes of play I have closed out my game 5 times. So for those reasons I gave 3 stars but if they fix those issues I’d give a 5 star rating because it’s a fun game that I would sit and play every day.

  • Hello, Genise! We’re sorry that you are experiencing this. Please, check your internet connection. Restart a Wi-Fi router or connect to another Wi-Fi spot if needed. The game requires at least 2Gb RAM and 20% of free space. You also may reboot your device. If the issue remains, please contact us here: Best regards! {9}

Loved the game, and had previously paid for no ads. Now it’s a subscription for no ads. It was freezing with one of the updates, but the latest update did fix that issue. I don’t like that there is a limited amount of tiles to play for each level which forces you to use the “power ups” or spend coins for more tiles. I liked the challenge of winning with tile placement only, but that is frequently impossible. Using a power play feels like cheating to me.

  • Hi, Laura. We’re sorry to hear that you think so. Everyone is unique, so creating a game everyone will like takes work. However, we are making every effort to do so. We value players’ feedback, learn from mistakes, and keep improving. We will be very grateful to receive your wishes and recommendations at support[at] Warm regards. {1}

this game is harder than it looks especially when you progress up to higher levels. fun to figure out how to make the most of the shapes given each round. also addictive in a major way especially when you have to spread the puzzle out beyond the obvious solution and use that to be a new base for continued play. not only makes a larger play pattern which may result in multiple cleared areas with just a couple of moves. harder but it is addictive have fun with it, but try it!!!

  • Hello Johnny! Thanks so much for the awesome review. We’re glad that you are having a great experience playing our game. We hope you’ll be with us for a long time! Best regards!

I enjoy the game but like everybody else I can’t stand the frequency of the ads. I don’t mind the mini ads that award you three chances to change the direction of a playing piece because that’s basically a freebie you’re choosing to get. And although degree of difficulty is built into the game by your choices about where to put playing pieces, there’s still a certain amount of luck in what pieces you’re given to play, so ultimately it feels like the game isn’t really going to go anywhere.

  • Hello Liliane! We are grateful that you took the time out to leave us a 4-star review. We understand your feelings concerning the ads. Currently, there is no possibility to disable them. Nevertheless, we will definitely pass your point to our developers. Thank you for your understanding. Best wishes!

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