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Survival City BuilderWelcome to a world where only a small group of people managed to survive after a terrible disaster. The last day on Earth has passed, survive whatever it takes in this apocalypse game and survival game. Manage survivors, craft, build a shelter and repair a large truck to escape the abandoned city.

The abandoned city survival building game is about to begin! Start crafting tools, mining, building a city and a shelter, teaming up with the rest of the survivors and gradually expanding your base.



In this building survival game you have to explore every corner of the earth to find materials, fuel and other valuable resources that will help you all survive. Break into abandoned houses, loot cars and scavenge to get anything that can be used for crafting and constructing. This is the only way you can get materials for building a base.


Join forces with other survivors and create your own survival shelter together. You need to build a spacious storage for food and materials, craft and upgrade the bunker to accommodate more survivors, and even create your own farm to provide food. Only you can protect the survivors!


The more resources you can collect, the more new tools you can invent. Don’t forget to build a medical center to heal the survivors and make them faster and stronger! Dozens of improvements and inventions are open before you, build a city suitable for life. Use all the features of survival clicker building games!


If you like strategy games, survival simulation games and zombie games, you will definitely enjoy exploring the ghost town in search of hidden materials to do crafting. You can launch expeditions to other locations to get more valuable resources. Stick to your survival strategy and try to survive!

But be careful, on your way you may meet enemies – wandering zombies! Team up with other survivors to defeat enemies!

What are you waiting for? Get resources, craft new tools and build a shelter! Help the survivors to establish life in an abandoned city! Download free survival games, zombie games and crafting simulator!



If you like simple but exciting strategy games and survival building games then you will totally love this game! The survival clicker Survival City Builder will not leave anyone indifferent and will not let you get bored! Download and enjoy the survival simulator right now! The zombie apocalypse crafting game is about to begin!

Survival City Builder user reviews :

Honestly this would be a fantastic game. There aren’t that many ads during actual game play unlike others where an ad comes up every action or minute. It is also cute and relaxing. Although on the other hand the bugs are a pain in the neck. The farm food collection is always bugged and the survivors will not collect from it. Also I had to delete the game and restart because the second area you go to glitched and I could not move forward.

Decent enough game just VERY short, as in I beat both stages in like 3 days just playing here and there. If the stages had some kind of randomly generated resource points, at least you could replay. The characters get stuck on each other all the time. That needs to be fixed. I feel like that is a bug. Also, I dislike the forced ads constantly when i’m trying to do stuff. You have a banner add that should be good enough.

The game is quite addicting to play, especially for ADHD brain. It does feel rather short since I was able to be both stages in a day and a half. Unfortunately once you beat the game it reset and the character is stuck and can’t do anything. I wouldn’t mind being able to replay it. It does reset to the first stage but after closing the game and reopening it change to the 2nd stage and proceed to get stuck.

I love this game! Its satisfying to watch and chill enough to play while doing other tasks. My only issue is it has some bugs. If there’s too many items open to loot, the characters won’t loot even if storage has room for loot, my game data has been deleted once or twice, I’ve also had issues with the game just not opening or loading after a certain point. Usually once I get to the second map. TLDR 1)Loot issue 2)Deleted data 3)Won’t open after leaving first map Still playing it though lol

Would be 5 stars……if the game hadn’t crashed ,after completing all upgrades on truck. When I reopened game all progress had been lost, so now I have to start again !! Re installed 2024….looking forward to playing a great game , with New levels……BUT…game still won’t go further after truck is loaded and you are supposed to move on to next location. What is going on ???

This game has an intriguing concept and gameplay. Nothing extraordinary but good enough to come back to. However, the game stops after a while as there is nothing else to loot. No real progression and game sometimes crashes after watching an ad (but not get the reward from it). I wish there were different “worlds” or “maps” to get in some replayability, but there seems to only be one. The game just feels like a half-done incomplete work.

This is a good game but has a real problem. The ad removers, resources and Characters that you offer for sale leads one to think that this is a game with many levels. After waiting until the 2nd level to make sure I like the game, I paid 14.99 to remove the adds on to find that the game ends on level 2. I started to purchase the $24.00 resources pack on level 1 and nearly did it on level 2. I would have been really upset. I truly hope there is a future plan to add more levels to this game.

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