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[Game] Mortal Path – Idle RPG

Mortal PathThe Mega Beasts have invaded the peaceful world of cultivation!

As a Forsaken World beginning cultivator
You will start your forsaken world of cultivation to survive in this chaotic world, pass the god’s test, and finally, become immortal.

Lost Sanctuary Along the path, you can also enjoy the lost sanctuary views of natural scenery on your sword ride

With Black Desert Mobile cultivators all over the world, you should Make friends with other and uncover the Black Desert Mobile mystery of your fate.

Soul land reloaded to start your adventure as a brave cultivator in Mortal Path: Idle RPG GAME and bring peace to the immortal Soul Land Reloaded!

Raid the force of darkness is threatening the fate of the human world!
Form a powerful team and train your legendary warrior to fight in an epic war against the dark forces, with your ally, fairy pets, and other companions on your path to immortal.
TRAHA Global players will upgrade your sword skills and unlock more TRAHA Global fairy logs to destroy evil demons, dragons, and beasts.

Mortal Path: Idle RPG GAME is an idle role-playing starfall fantasy game with arena gameplay.
Starfall fantasy game offers an excellent item system, hundreds of illusions
Albion Online divides combat power into several different Albion Online levels.

The Divine w auto-battle system with idle clicker gameplay allows you to earn endless ingots to increase your ATK stat, HP stat, ATK speed, and EXP, making your Divine w adventure much more easier.

RPG Adventure Combats
Rebirth of Chaos don’t let any beasts attack humans: Defeat all of them and get gears from them.
Time for revenge:
MIR4 Attack the caves of the rebirth of chaos and get them out of the human world to get MIR4 ingots.
A3 Still Alive Time to auto-battle: Get gears and find the A3 Still Alive treasure.
Lineage 2 Crush the enemies, defeat BOSS to earn gold, and fight with your Lineage 2 partner!

RPG Strategy
Idle Goddess Primal Chaos Arabic RPG game in an exciting Goddess Primal Chaos Arabic fantasy adventure!
Crasher Origin Level up your talisman and the Crasher Origin magic fairy log for battle.
Demon Blade Transmog and wear legendary costumes as you like Demon Blade.
Realm of Heroes Boost your combat power with flying swords, sprites, and mythic sets to stand out in Realm of Heroes battles.
Create your Perfect World Mobile battle strategy by deploying your companions.
Perfect World Mobile Get ready for battle and take your pets into battle with you!

Idle Auto-battle
Sacred Summons Equip your companions and they will automatically fight for Sacred Summons!
Dragon Raja Earn rewards even when you’re not Dragon Raja online.
Jade Dynasty Easy-to-win gameplay makes it Jade Dynasty simple to enjoy your adventure.
Goddess Era is coming! You can enhance your Goddess Era with just a click of the screen and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this world.

Team up with your friends in “Beast Relic”!
Dynasty origins call your friends to participate in public dynasty origins events and conduct raids on others.
Eternium use a variety of weapons and eternium skills.
Defeat the overwhelming invaders.

Fight against other players in PVP gameplay!
Lineage2M In the challenging PVP battlefield, only the most powerful cultivators will survive in Lineage2M war.
Titan Quest start now! You better come prepared Titan Quest.

Mortal Path user reviews :

Edit: did not receive my purchase and developer doesn’t respond to emails to address the issue So far outside of the difficulties logging in, the game crashing randomly and purchases not being received it definitely has the potential to possibly become one of my favorite games. Graphics are good and while there’s some grinding it keeps me playing and not bored unlike many other games. I’ve only been playing for a few days so I’ll try to update as I get further into the game.

  • Sorry for not giving you the best experience. If you have any questions, please contact us at Facebook fanpage [Mortal Path].

Pretty good so far. A storyline would make things a bit more interesting. However, the game does have its own uniqueness with the art and the graphics. I love the different companions, flying swords and other things you can collect and upgrade easily. The free VIP 10 definitely won me over as did everything else.

One of my top games I’ve been looking forward to playing! I really like the artwork/graphics style, music, and the fighting is kind of cool, I really like the idea behind the story/gameplay as well! Can’t wait to get farther along in this game, I only just started!

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