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We help you achieve the following:

Sleep Like a Baby
Master On-Demand Stress Relief
Experience Spiritual Insight
Focus at Work
Start a Healthy Habit
Stop an Unhealthy Habit
Boost Athletic Performance
Refine Artistic Expression
Get Relief From Chronic Pain

By supporting your meditation practice in every way:

Daily Guided Meditations
1-on-1 Coaching
Live Monthly 4-Hour Retreats
Daily Community Sits
Supportive Chat Community

Brightmind’s approach to teaching meditation is to “make it as simple as possible, but no simpler”. So we take deep and transformational concepts and practices, and explain them in simple and practical ways. Making things as simple as possible, but not any simpler, leads to efficient and effective learning and growth.

I’ve tried all the other meditation apps. Finding Brightmind was like striking gold! — Vanessa

This changes everything! It’s simpler and therefore extremely adaptive and effective. — Chris

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Brightmind Meditation user reviews :

I can’t say enough good things about this app. I have been meditating for a few years and come to it as an atheist.I started out with headspace and then used ten percent happier. Both helped. But brightmind stands out because it offers very clear guidances and techniques that have a level of specificity i had not experienced before. Centered around concentration, clarity and equanimity, and often focused on visual, auditory and body space, the instructions have been easier to carry into life.

The meditation guidance is the best I’ve experienced, but the sessions do not always load correctly and the support is very slow. I’ve been waiting 4 days for a response to my progress being fully wiped out. These are fixable issues and the underlying teaching is great.

If you want to deepen your mindfulness practice Brightmind is the app for you. The Core instruction is clear and accessible. Since using the app I have increased the consistency of my practice and learned helpful communication tips. Over all the UI is well developed. I look forward to the increasing refinement over the successive releases. Keep up the good work.

So far so good. The approach is quite different to that of apps like Headspace, being more structured, and could be for the best.

  • Hi Susanna, so glad you’re enjoying Brightmind. Keep up the good work! — Toby

I have been meditating for decades–sometimes at the feet of great masters. This carefully crafted app has so many benefits– especially clear instruction, thoughtful design and wonderful tracking. The overall impact is helping me to deepen my practice and make it more consistent. I highly recommend this app.

  • It’s honor to support your practice : ) Keep up the good work! — Toby

I have experience with many meditation traditions and apps and this is the app I’d recommend to most people curious about meditation or serious about deepening their practice. It’s based on Shinzen Young’s approach and clearly explains why meditation can be useful, what it takes to have a good practice, and what you can do specifically to create that for yourself.

  • Thanks John! It’s an honor to support your practice : ) Keep up the good work! – Toby

Great app. There’s a small bug I can’t figure out. When I’m in ther middle of a course, upon completion of a meditation, it doesn’t automatically move me to the next lesson. When I log back in the next day, I’m stuck in the same place until I relisten to the previous lesson. And now it’s competely stuck half way through a lesson. No matter how many times I shut down the app and listen to the same lesson, it freezes at the exact same spot. This has nothing to do with the 5 star content.

I’ve used many meditation apps over the years, but I must admit, this one is really special! Every session is a brand new experience. Sometimes with meditation it’s easy to feel stuck in the same routine but I found that with Brightmind each practice is helping me feel less stressed and more motivated in my every day life. 100% recommended!!

I like the methodology for meditation presented in this app. I’ve learned a lot about the technique. But I’m not a beginner meditator, so I find the repetitive instruction from session to session a bit cumbersome. Technically, the app mostly operates as expected and hasn’t given me any trouble while using it, but I can’t seem to close it or back out of it once I open it. I have to clear the app instance in my Recents screen. Otherwise, a worthwhile meditation app.

  • Hi Nancy, thanks for telling us about not being able to close the app. I had noticed that on some devices, but I wasn’t sure if it was reproducible. We’ll fix this ASAP. Glad you like the methodology! I just went through and removed a bunch of repetition because others have said similar things. So hopefully it won’t be as repetitive now. — Toby

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