Shoot The Zombirds – Complete dozens of challenging objectives

[Game] Shoot The Zombirds

Shoot The Zombirds

Dive into our new and absorbing game of bird and zombie shooting. Both at the same time!

Defend little Pumpkids against the demonic hordes of undead birds. Complete dozens of challenging objectives! Use your loyal crossbow and big magic power-ups to reach the top of the leaderboards! Upgrade your skills and dress up as classic horror movies characters!

All that, with tons of fun in Infinite Dreams newest release – Shoot The Zombirds!


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Shoot The Zombirds user reviews :

I really like this game, except for three things I would change… 1) tough to get enough arrows to be competitive, until you build up to it 2) can’t buy ad~ free version??? 3) it would be nice to resume from where you last were instead of starting over each time. But generally the game is quite fun, nice atmosphere, and enough of a challenge to keep it interesting, but not so much you’re frustrated!

I love this game…if you want skill and timing and a game that will keep you wanting to always beat your best this is one of them..yes it needs to be upgraded yes it needs to add some more extras and yes I would love to see another version of this game… graphics, concept and gameplay are awesome…some are saying it’s too hard maybe just maybe you suck at this kinda simple gameplay skill…just saying…cause I KILL at this game shouldn’t matter how many arrows you start off with..

Fun app exciting grate graphics. Except i dont think u should have to start each level all over again. Its aggravating to have to do so. Makes one want to delete game & how come it doesnt keep a running score? U have to always start at zero or go into another screen to check stats?

Perfect time killer game. It leaves nothing to the imagination of what this game is. Maybe I haven’t made it far enough in the game, but I think the view should widen at some point. If I could add a special looking arrow I would do that too!!!

Needs updating. I love this game and have played it often over the years and definitely helps invoke that Halloween spirit but, it would be nice to get some new stuff. Costumes, backgrounds, skills

Some few years ago I had this one installed in my now defunct HTC panache, I was watching YouTube videos at the time then for no reason or without any warning the video just got frozen and then the phone went blank and I could never open it up or turned it on again anymore, I suspect it was this game that kill my phone but not 100% sure though still the possibility that this one did it as I was careful about installing things at the time

Love this game! I’ve re-discovered it numerous times through upgrading devices – always end up downloading it. In my opinion, that statement alone speaks volumes. Plus, I totally dig the morbidity

Awesome game but, it needs to be updated! It doesn’t show my global rank or high score after each time I play. This used to work! But, I do have a newer phone so, maybe that’s another reason why it don’t work. I have a Samsung Galaxy a50. 5 stars if fixed, thanks!

Good time waster game but everytime u have to start from same location and also not enough arrows to play longer. Please developers hope you change the location to different levels and put more arrows so we can enjoy your game.

Easy, fun, addictive. Wish there were more levels and you could choose gardens but other than that it’s a cool time passer.

This game is great played it when it first came out and played it off and on from then till now It’s a 5* worthy game but y’all need more content for real I mean there a tone of bird species, I just want more content please and I’ll go 5*

  • Hello! Thank you for sharing your opinion. We can consider it in the future.

Anyone tell me what the game controls are?! ‘Cuz I tried tapping everywhere on the screen…and have not been able to accomplish anything.

  • Hello! Could you give us more details about the mentioned issue at support[at]

Loovveee this game !! I’ve downloaded in three different times, over several years , I love it . Gorgeous graphics and the right amount of creepy fun .

Been playing this for 7 years and it still is one of the best shooter games out there. Requires actual skill and timing, not just the bs idle games made these days.

i am having SO much fun! i don’t know if it’s because the grafficts are 5 star or if it’s the sound affects that are 5 star! i tell everyone about this game! thanks so much for creating this game guys. sincerely, missjeens

I love this game the graphics is so cute gameplay are good but there’s still missing and that is check point or levels and I like to see in the game is different arrows or bow like triple arrow,fire bow and etc

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