Bub Puzzle Blast – Destroy monsters and obstacles

[Game] Bub Puzzle Blast

Bub Puzzle Blast  The legendary masterpiece, the perfect combination of the nostalgic Bubble Bobble and Puzzle Blast!

Defeat monsters with original characters from the original series.
Use your brain and try to reach the top of the Rainbow Tower with colorful bubbles moving in the air.

Destroy monsters and obstacles by popping bubbles of the same color and making Special Bubbles!
Rescue your enchanted friends and join forces to build your own Miniroon Town.

Are you ready to pop bubbles?

Game Introduction

Pop 2 or more same colored bubbles.
Use powerful items and boosters.
Strategically use Special Bubbles with different characteristics to play.

If you pop 4 or more connected bubbles, a Special Bubble is created.
4 : Note Bubble
More than 5-7: Water Bubble/Lightning Bubble
More than 8-10: Flame Bubble
11 or more: Rainbow Bubble

Unique stages composed of various monsters and obstacles!
When you clear the stage, a cute Miniroon will appear.
Dress up Miniroon in various costumes.
Clear missions and collect Stars to decorate your own town.
Upgrade your buildings and take care of your Miniroon.
Free Casual Offline Game, you can play anytime, anywhere!

Official Account
Facebook  www.facebook.com/bubspuzzleblast
Homepage  www.spcomes.com

Privacy Policy:

App: Free
Contains in-app purchases.

Developed by ACT GAMES CO., LTD.

Bub Puzzle Blast user reviews :

Having a lot of fun with my old friends, Bub and Bob! It’s a trashy easy Candy Crush style game, but that’s fine if that’s what you want it to be. Could use some higher resolution graphics for tablets though.

Actually quite fun! And building the town is cute. I have few complaints and I am hard to please when it comes to mobile games. Might be slightly restrictive on hearts, but I haven’t felt throttled to the point of frustration in first session at least. Always loved bubble bobble. The gameplay is more like a standard mobile game but it’s got good physics and fun powerups. I don’t feel like this game is wasting my time like most mobile puzzle games.

Cute visuals with funny characters provide a lot of charm which allows the game to stand out visually. Mechanically the game is unique from other games featuring these characters but not alienating to fans of these games as there is enough familiarity present. The town building mechanic may turn some away, but it is not central to the gameplay, but adds variety for those seeking it. Overall a fantastic little time waster with oodles of charm and character.

I want to like this game. I really do. But it crashes entirely too much. It’s bad enough when it crashes while showing an ad after taking your hesrt. Worse still is when you’re about to complete a level. And insult is added to injury when the “Did you have fun?” popped up and it crashed while I was typing feedback! This just is not really playable so I may end up deleting fairly soon

Pretty fun time killer. The amount of ads make the game almost unplayable though (and that’s with the no ads purchase) You also now have to watch ads to complete the daily quests as well. In conclusion. Gameplay is pretty fun but you will spend just as much time watching ads as you do actually playing the game. Not worth it.
  • Springcomes
  • We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Regarding your inquiry, you have reported to our service development team. We will do our best to provide more enjoyable game play. Thank you for your feedback.

it’s fun and pretty to look at. the only problem is that there’s this one ad that just won’t load and I have to restart the whole app. and the constant pushing to pay in game is super annoying

Love it ! Brings back memories of the arcade version. I would really hope a level completion page is implemented in which the user can keep track of their scores and maybe a global leaderboard for high scores on levels. Thank you again for the amazing game! It’s beautiful

I can’t really criticize too hard because the game just came out, but it reminds me a lot of Aggretsuko, Bubble Bobble, Candy Crush, Toon Blast, and Homescapes mashed up. The art is very cute; it’s nice to see the Bubble Bobble characters return! And the gameplay is reminiscent of the old Bubble Bobble/Bust-a-Move game on the SNES, aka the bubbles are going upwards. The map could be a little more interesting, and I wish you didn’t need to do so many levels to save the next Miniroon.

I love it so far! I like how they do give you a limited amount lives, BUT if you beat a level they give you a heart back and so if you start with max lives and beat the level, you still have max lives! and its very entertaining and a good time killer, even if you only have a few minutes to kill. It loads quickly and i like that, because nowadays some games take forever jist to load up and get through all the ‘announcements’ before you can even get to where you can actually play the game

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