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[Game] Drawoolly – Wool Puzzle

Drawoolly  Handmade wool puzzle “Drawoolly”

Game Introduce

Connect the same number of wool buttons to complete the picture!
Play hundreds of stages.
Using items to clear difficult stages.

Complete various pictures and collect completed pictures!
Clear the stage and collect the pictures.
You can check the completed picture anytime on the Frame tab.
Get special rewards on the special stage, and enjoy the stories of Yarn and Woolly.

Decorate your own camper van with various furniture!
If you clear the stage and travel around the world, Yarn and Woolly can find furniture boxes.
Get furniture from the furniture box, decorate the camper van, and complete your own camper van.
Get special furniture and rewards that can only be obtained by decorating your camper van.

Real-time network 20 PVP Match!
Play with other users in real time.
Survive in a 20-PVP Match that lasts three rounds.
Using special blocks and combo skills, complete the picture first.
if you win a victory, Huge rewards are waiting for you.

Make the stage easily with my pictures and drawings I made!
Stages can be automatically created by drawing or using pictures.
Play and evaluate the stage made by the other users.
If my stage is selected for the Grand Prix, you can get a huge reward.

Raising Yarn and completion of the collection to strengthen abilities!
Raise Yarn with your experience candy.
If you collect Yarn and complete the collection, you can use new abilities.
Experience candy can be obtained by playing single stages and user stages.

Drawoolly Official Cafe]
Check out the latest news and various events at the official cafe.

Official cafe:  cafe.naver.com/drawoolly
Homepage:  game.yhdatabase.com/

Introduce access to Smartphone Apps
We do not request access when using the app.

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Drawoolly user reviews :

Cute game but absolutely awful. Stage 3 already gets hard and the time at the top goes down way to fast. Honestly if you want beginner’s and other players to play your game don’t make it hard at the literal 3rd stage. I’m uninstalling and sticking to nanograms from now on instead of dumb wool games like these unless they are good.
  • YHDatabase Co., Ltd.
  • Hello Phantom fox :D. We are Handmade wool puzzle “Drawoolly”. If you solve the puzzle with wool, the remaining time will increase, and you can get more time through Yarn’s abilities, collections, and items. You can enjoy Special stages without time limit, and soon we will update new world. Thank you for your interests in Drawoolly.
I love most things about this game. But I think having to spend danchu to use the candy and fudge I have already earned must stop!! It takes so much effort to earn danchu already! And everything in the game requires it. I already earned the candy, please just let me use it :(
  • YHDatabase Co., Ltd.
  • Hello Lee Swatowski. We are Handmade wool puzzle “Drawoolly”. Thank you so much for enjoying Drawoolly. We are constantly checking the parts that need improvement. If you have any regrets or inconveniences while playing Drawoolly, please leave us an in-game inquiry or email.
This is my new favorite game!! At first I was like “oh ok cute connect game with nice animations, a gacha, and a decor feature” buts it is really better than I thought. The special stages don’t have the timer on it and it gets more intricate as you progress in the normal stages, and thats a really cool feature. At first I though it was just gonna be a similar puzzle but the game has the best of both worlds. I like the casual more than the timer version but its really easy to get upgrades
  • YHDatabase Co., Ltd.
  • Hello Shanel Blye. We are Handmade wool puzzle “Drawoolly”. Thank you so much for enjoying Drawoolly and leaving 5 stars! I’ll continue to work harder to capture Shanel Blye’s heart! We are holding various events through Facebook. If you have any regrets or inconveniences while playing Drawoolly, please leave us an in-game inquiry or email.
I absolutely love this game. It’s cute, fun and a great game to play whenever I’m free. For anyone who like these puzzle line games but wants a more polished and better version. But I just wanted to ask the developers what is power exposure? It comes in my daily quest but I don’t know how to complete it. Thank you for answering my question.
  • YHDatabase Co., Ltd.
  • Hello Anusha Singh. We are Handmade wool puzzle “Drawoolly”. In the case of ‘Applying Power Exposure’ to the achievements you inquired about, you can check it when registering after creating the user stage. (If you use Power Exposure function, your stage will be exposed more to other users.) Thank you for your continued interest in Drawoolly.

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