ULTRAFLOW – The only challenge is your smoothness


ULTRAFLOWULTRAFLOW is a minimalist yet complex puzzle game based on your agility.

You have a limited number of bounces to complete each level.
No score. No timer. The only challenge is your smoothness.

99 Levels
Completely free
No Ads
Google Play Games Achievements
Optimized for a wide range of phones and tablets

ULTRAFLOW was made by a team of five students during six months.
If you want to support us, don’t hesitate to donate.

Twitter : twitter.com/ultraflowGame
Website : ultraflow.net
Itchio : daku.itch.io/ultraflow

Contact us if there’s any problem. Thank you.


ULTRAFLOW user review :

Very cool little game. You basically need to shot a ball into a circle. Most levels are pretty fun, there are like 7 levels that should have been easier as you retry them 30 times over. Other levels I just clicked on and completed without even seeing how the level looked like. The randomness is pretty extreme here. Great game.

There were no ads. Both the mechanics and the visuals were a brilliant art form to me. Also, it is possible to finish all 99 levels without using a pass, as I’ve just done so. I only used the pass after completing the 99th Level to obtain the respective achievement.

Got to level 49 and can’t find a single thing to complain about. This has physics at almost every kind imaginable. Somehow the minimal graphics and mono color scheme still grip you and the game in general haunts you to play more like some terrible addiction. You people are evil …. and terrific! For me, it deserves 10 stars. I will return to conquer the rest of the levels, but for now I gotta get things clean around here. Like the dishes, clothes, and me. Yeah, that’d be good. Ok, bye

Annoying game that consists of either extremely easy or luck-based levels, lag spikes occur in case you beat too many levels in a small time period. Finished the whole game in about 30 minutes or so, it’s the first time I’m so happy to delete an app from my phone. More annoyed than entertained really. The lag spikes just show that even such a simple game could be somehow ruined in the hands of an awful programmer. How could you program something this simple so badly? Unity is overkill for sure

For anyone that has as much trouble as I have with some of the puzzles, it’s probably related to screen size. This app isn’t optimized at all for larger/thinner screens, but if you set it to split screen, you can actually see the rest of the game. Ultraflow really needs some quality control for newer devices.

Kinda love this game, sometimes it’s got cheap shot levels but eventually you’ll beat it but most of game is just good game design, quick, concise, and simple but somehow a load of fun. It’s minimalist graphics but stylish as well. They did a lot with seemingly a little and an easy concept. The game is basically contradicts itself, should be a simple casual game but ends up being addictive and awesome!

No ads whatsoever, easy to learn, hard to master. Lots of levels with regular new gimmicks, and no gimmick is underused or overstays its welcome. A really good time-waster, in all the right ways.

Beat the game in a couple hours. Not bad, though I do wish there was more levels. The game can become rather challenging at times which is quite a good thing. The graphics are quite clean and smooth. Definitely a good game. 10/10

Awesome… I have read the 1 star reviews. Other than those that are having software issues. I think people are failing to grasp the concept of the controls and play field… Level 99 gave me fits for weeks trying to get the ball “Just Right”…

Solidly a mediocre puzzle game. Most levels just require a random throw and you’ll get it in a few tries. The levels that require precision are mostly obvious in their solution, they just require a super precise throw which may take several tries. Not a bad way to spend 15 minutes.

The coolest time waster I opened lately. It really is just about your smoothness, no stupid challenges, just to achieve the goal with a set limit that most times it’s way more than you will ever need. :) Challenging but not stressful; it has limits but they don’t make the game feel any less fun.

Free. No ads. Good time killer. If you’re that focused you could do all 99 levels in 1 day. Great sfx! Simple gfx. Love the physics. With the right backing, i bet this team could build someting freakin awesome! Oh yea, like others have hinted at, it is addictive.

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