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[Game] Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw PuzzleA Jigsaw puzzle game loved by adults!

Over 1000 puzzles available, and everything is free!
The difficulty level can be set freely from simple to difficult. Feel free to enjoy your favorite jigsaw puzzle to the fullest!

We have a huge collection of themed jigsaw-puzzles, such as kawaii dogs, cats and sweets, fun world heritage sites and sightseeing spots, healing nature and scenery, and so on!
This classic jigsaw puzzle game is for any adult who wants to relax, release stress, do brain exercises, and for adultswho want to spend some meaningful leisure time and have fun in the same time.
For those who has trouble selecting which jigsaw puzzle to play with, there is also a recommendation system to help you choose!
Enjoy the popular HD (high definition) jigsawpuzzle game for free ♪

More and more jigsawpuzzles on their way!
Enjoy a relaxing time of your own with this classic jigsaw puzzle app.

You can enjoy various categories of jigsaw puzzles!
Dogs, cats, animals, birds, fish, flowers, plants, sweets, food, fruits, interiors, lovely homes, buildings, vehicles, world heritages, tourist attractions, festivals, landscapes, nature, oceans, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, skies, space, colour themed, etc …

This jigsaw puzzle app is available in Japanese and English. We also provide support in both languages, so please feel free to contact us via the application if you have any problems.

Jigsaw Puzzle user reviews :

It’s better than some but a little jumpy could be a wee bit bigger choice of pictures good I like houses with yards thanks oh I like the complete picture not like some quarter or halfand rotateits the. Best jigsaw puzzle jumps a little and pieces get stuck frame is moving too much otherwise the best but no Christmas puzzles. Otherwise very good Xmas puzzles please

Real Jigsaw Play! Nothing cartoony here! Real photography, real puzzle piece shapes and a choice of piece size. I turn off the repetitive music. My only wish is two-fold: soft, nonrepetive instrumental background music (white noise) and a tablet version. I have a Amazon Fire  tablet and it will not allow me to download it

I just finished about 5 puzzles and they have really beautiful. And the animals are really cute. I love doing puzzles so I know I’ll enjoy these. Thank you for the enjoyment. It’s very relaxing. Well, I have done a lot of puzzles now and will keep going. I quit for a while but reinstalled it because I have found this game of puzzles is the best and I love it and plan to stay with you. Thank you for providing the enjoyment and the beautiful puzzles.

  • Thank you for your compliment. We will continue our efforts to renew this service so that you can continue to enjoy it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through “Contact Us” in the application.

It’s very nice to be able to sit and relax and put a puzzle together without all the apps popping up. I hope this continues since I am very tired of apps popping up every 5 pieces of puzzle.

Rather nice. Many of the pieces resemble each other closely, so it’s not too easy. The pictures aren’t grossly over-pigmented as they are in some other puzzle apps. Personally, I’d like to see more puzzles of classic aircraft, wide-open landscapes, historic photos, famous musicians, impromptu shots of pets, smiling women, visual humor, and wildlife.

  • Thank you very much for your valuable opinions. We will review the contents of future updates based on the opinions we received. If you have any concerns, please contact us from within the app “Contact Us”. Thank you in advance.

Great free puzzle game with minimal ads. Many puzzles to choose from and you choose difficulty level. I only gave 4 stars because the puzzle board needs to be fixed so it doesn’t move around the screen, otherwise I would have given 5 stars. Please fix this to make the puzzles more enjoyable to do. Shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

Very different from other jigsaw puzzle apps…easy to work with and I like the music. I also like the way the puzzles are displayed after completing them. Lots of wonderful pictures! Very pleasant and relaxing overall!! Good job!! I stopped playing jigsaw puzzles for awhile and really missed this app. So, back I went!

  • Thank you for your review. Thank you for your compliment. We will continue our efforts to renew this service so that you can continue to enjoy it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through “Contact Us” in the application.

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