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[Game] Buckshot Duel – PVP Online

Buckshot DuelWelcome to the world of “Buckshot Duel”!

This heart-pounding horror game, also serving as a survival adventure with strategic gunplay gamble, reminiscent of Russian roulette, immerses you in an online duel where every moment is a test of wits against opponents. Every decision to shoot or not is the best choice made after careful consideration. Are you ready to embrace this spine-chilling challenge?

Real challenge, strategic online showdown
In “Buckshot Duel,” you’ll find yourself in a gripping survival scenario, where each encounter is a high-stakes gun battle against terrifying foes. Faced with the chilling unknown of looming dangers, you must decide whether to pull the trigger or risk facing the horrors head-on. Every decision may determine your fate in this last stand against darkness.

Varied strategies, diverse online tactics
Survival in this brutal online showdown demands cunning and adaptability. As you navigate through the shadows, you must craft intricate strategies, making precise choices with each terrifying encounter. Whether it’s outsmarting your enemies or outgunning the horrors that await, every move counts on the path to survival in this war of wits.

Tools for success, online victory in hand
Equip yourself with an arsenal of deadly weapons and tools, essential for overcoming the nightmarish challenges ahead. From powerful firearms to improvised traps, each resource is a lifeline in the fight for survival. Utilize them wisely, for only the prepared will emerge victorious in this relentless battle for survival in the collecting games of life and death.

Asset Collection, Manifesting Wealth
“Buckshot Duel” is also a highly enjoyable collecting game. Here, we have prepared a diverse selection of assets for you, including porcelain, industries, residences, badges, and various modes of transportation. A dazzling array of assets awaits your collection. Join the battles now, and use the rewards you win to acquire a variety of luxurious assets!

Immersive online experience, sublime sensations
With its haunting atmosphere, chilling sound effects, and immersive visuals, “Buckshot Duel” plunges you into a world of terror and adrenaline-fueled action. Every gunshot, every heartbeat, echoes through the darkness, intensifying the thrill of the online shooting battle for survival.

Join “Buckshot Duel” now, confront your deepest fears in heart-pounding gun battles, and stake your claim as the ultimate survivor of this harrowing online horror game! Download now and embark on your journey into the shadows, if you dare!

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Buckshot Duel user reviews :

This was called Buckshot Roulette before it became available for download, and now isn’t, so I don’t think it’s sanctioned by the original dev… but idk. Randomizing who takes the first turn is a great improvement upon PC Buckshot Roulette. The graphics are too polished for me – doesn’t feel dirty or gritty or bloody or scary, but it is fun! Definitely some bugs. One time my charges were off by one, another time my turn glitched and I was softlocked causing me to lose.

Graphics are good, animations are forgivable, and the mechanics are just like the original buckshot roulette. The only small issue I have is how it shows how many live shots and blanks remain mid-game. I can understand that unlike the original PC version you actually gamble the in-game money per match, but what’s the point of the game being a gamble when you can see which and how many bullets remain? It ruins the experience plus the items to be used to help make the experience more boring.

  • Hello, thank you very much for your support. We have received your suggestions, and we will be launching a new mode that hides bullet information in the future. Stay tuned!

It has millions of ads. All of these ads are 1 min or 2 min each. Don’t download this game. It’s so bad so so so bad. Game is fun but you will not be able to enjoy it. I downloaded it 3- 4 hrs back and now I am uninstalling it because it has insane amount of ads. If the developers reduce the amount ads they show on this game then I ll play again. I can’t even play that is how many ads there are.

  • Dear players, we sincerely appreciate your feedback. We will work hard to improve the game’s advertising strategy to ensure that you can enjoy the best experience in the game. If you have a better experience with the game, you may wish to reconsider giving us 5 stars. Thank you for your support and understanding of Buckshot Duel-PVP Online.

It is good really i like the blood animation you input. But pls remove the ads too much atleast limit the ads pls. And remove the bullet count That the point of the game to be instense and Power ups like helemt are op maybe lessen other powerups Chances of spawning depneding on usefulness?

  • Hello, thank you very much for your suggestions. We will carefully consider them and try to implement them as much as possible. If you have had a better experience with the game, perhaps you could reconsider giving us a 5-star rating. Your support is very important to us, and once again, thank you for your understanding and support!

Too many ads. Unplayable Edit: Devs responded, and now there are far less unskippable video ads now and they have started using a banner with ads in the bottom of the screen which is a win-win. Gameplay is much tolerable and fun now. Bumping up to 5 stars

  • Hello, we value your feedback. We have greatly reduced the ads in the game and look forward to bringing you a better gaming experience. If you have a better experience with the game, you may wish to reconsider giving us 5 stars. Thank you for your support of Buckshot Duel-PVP Online!

it is very enjoyable however there are some bugs I encountered that will make the experience a little annoying, here they are: -if you try to get a magnifier using adds before the game starts the magnifier will be on the opponents side and none of you can use it. – sometimes everything just blocks and I can’t touch anything (lost two games that way) i will edit my review if I find more ,anyway thanks for the game it is great

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