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[Game] Zombie State – Roguelike FPS

Zombie StateExperience the intensity of a brand-new post-apocalyptic zombie shooter adventure. Step into an infested world and brace yourself for heart-pounding zombie battles!

Unleash characters’ special abilities and talents that perfectly complement each hero’s skillset. Use different combinations of abilities to get stronger with each battle and turn the tide against the zombie hordes.

Complete missions to unlock a vast collection of powerful weapons and unique gear. Boost your hero’s strength with exclusive equipment and be the ultimate survivor.

Along the way, you will encounter zombies with all sorts of mutations. Study your enemies’ habits, find their weaknesses, and keep the undead from striking the final blow. Be ready to fight the most terrifying boss monsters!

No two levels are the same – explore all sorts of regions and game modes to see the various locations plagued by the zombies.

This world has its own mysteries. Take on new challenges to uncover the story behind the post-apocalyptic state.

Official Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/ZombieStateGame
Official Discord:  discord.gg/FHrDX4h5mq
Official YouTube channel:  www.youtube.com/@zombiestategame

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Zombie State user reviews :

Good game but the power level recommendation for levels, especially in Trial, is appallingly low. It’s either that or the levels are way overtuned. I think the prime problem is, about halfway through a level, enemies get a huge buff that does not actually even out the perks and upgraded weaponry we get. Often time, this enemy buff makes it tedious to complete the level at best or just downright impossible to complete at worst.

At first, this game was good. I was able to get to level 3 without any problems. Now when turn the game on, it crashes, whenever I try to start a level, it CRASH like 6 times alright! Come on man. I want to enjoy this game. But with the crashes continuing to happen, I might as well delete it and play something else.

  • Greetings, and thanks for your feedback! For prompt assistance, please contact our support through the game: Settings → Account → Customer Support. We value your cooperation. Have a great day!

OVERALL I absolutely love this game!! PROS:NO ADS FINALLYY!! The trial section which is the fun park area is FREE & HARD TO BEAT! SO YOU CAN PLAY WITH OUT LOOSING ENERGY! CONS: Okay(humbling myself) I am stuck in gloomy factory because the fat man and the flying lady that power up the other zombies.. it’s VERY overwhelming beating the same people 9xs all over again. I do not like the fact the boards start over if you pause or loose especially when it’s 9/10 stages you have beat & you can’t jump!

I like this game but they need to 1. Add more modes once you get to a point where you can’t progress anymore it gets kinda boring, 2. Don’t lock characters behind BP and paywalls, 3. Make zombies more aggressive they are wayyyy too easy only zombies that are a threat are the ones that throw stuff and reduce dash cooldown mainly because of the boss fights hard to avoid damage because dash takes too long to cooldown, 4. Add more maps and different music, tired of hearing the same music every run

It has been awhile since I found a good fps mobile zombie game. Going through the comments and I agree to almost 90% of ’em about fixing certain things. Big one for me is not having the option to manually fire and to jump around. It be great to also customize the hud. This game has wonderful potential and understandable that it’s new and not going to be perfect right off the bat. Prices on things are biiit steep too. These small changes would certainly make a huge difference! Keep at it.

  • Hello! Thank you for sharing your suggestions for improving our project. Your ideas will definitely be forwarded to the team and may help the project become even better! Have a nice day!

I would give this game 5 stars if I didn’t keep losing inventory items due to disconnect(doesnt happen during gameplay). As soon as i try to accept the ring from free chest after 1st boss it always reloads and i lose everything from the level. Gameplay and graphics are phenomenal compared to every other mobile zombie shooter I’ve played. The roguelike elements aren’t the deepest but they get the job done and keep levels fresh. – If they fix the disconnect issues I’ll change my review to 5 stars.

  • Greetings! In order for us to understand your issue better and to assist you more efficiently, we kindly ask you to contact our customer support via the game itself: Settings → Account → Customer Support.

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