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[Game] Build Master – Open Fire

Build MasterThe freezing sun and the worsening Earth’s climate are shrinking Earth population to a few survivors.

You have no choice but to lead the team to rebuild your homeland.

Gather resources, build a camp and shelter other survivors to survive the long, hard winter.

Game Features:

Survival Simulation

You’ll start small as a worker from gathering wood and stone, building a shelter of your own, and step by step to building a whole set of living facilities.

Adventure in the Wild

As the climate deteriorates, you can only get food by going out to find. You can also dispatch exploration teams for adventure to gather whatever is useful.

Game Intro:

Population Growth: gather resources, explore the wild, meet people’s basic needs, and strike a balance between production and supply.

Production Chain: process raw materials into daily necessities, set a proper production ratio, and boost the development of your city.

City Development: build more buildings to upgrade your shelter into a modern city.

City Combats: as the city develops, you’ll need to build a strong army, plunder resources, and finally, be the overlord.

Build Master user reviews :

All issues were resolved after the last update. I would like to add a suggestion. It would be beneficial for alliance activities and war planning if a suggested change was made. It would be great if the Mars server time was part of the default UI in the city or map screens so that it is always visible. This would help everyone plan. The current location in the settings is not easily accessible. Especially to those that are new to the game.

  • Thanks for your feedback, I will submit your feedback to the development team.

Not a bad game. Definitely not the game in the photos. It’s a Mashup of different types of games. The ad based game to collect resources(but without the ads), base builder, map based clash of clans, tribez-ish. As well as some others. It’s really too busy. But I like the attempt to keep you busy.

It was a good game. Definitely different from the ads but it’s good to play where u can join with a different alliance and get to war with them. This is PAY TO WIN btw, but u can still enjoy the game. The problem is u have to always begin at where the story goes not where u have to LOG IN. It was really annoying! Pls offer a sign up/log in at the beginning of the game. Resintalling it and play at the beginning again(story) sucks.

  • Thanks for your feedback, I will submit your feedback to the development team.

As in all other games of city building games load of paid for stuff get thrown down your throat. Buy this buy that, then you might need this or that. Only difference from other games is that you get to control your chars in some explorations and stuff but even that is not optimized very well. Uninstall from me. Loads of better games out there.

  • Thanks for your feedback, I will submit your feedback to the development team.

Congratulations, you truly did the worst possible job of showing your actual gameplay in the play store. Whatever is on these pictures really doesn’t show what the game actually looks like. But alas, the game itself is pretty alright. No bothering ads, of course some pay to win as I can see but I’m doing just as fine without spending money. You have a few bugs that you should definitely take care of but it’s a fun game nonetheless

  • Thanks for your feedback, I will submit your feedback to the development team.

These games have an issue with bombarding it’s players with tutorials. In this day and age those should always be optional. The story and gameplay becomes annoying when every 3 seconds there’s something someone needs to say.

  • Thanks for your feedback, I will submit your feedback to the development team.

Great game, super addicting. The ads are only a small part of the game. The actual game is more than you would expect. Have downloaded for about 2 weeks now and put in a lot of hours to this game. The only downside is the pay to win feature and hidden details such as an event that say you have a %500 chance to land an S tier hero for $25.00 and then only gives you b and c tier which you can easily obtain without paying. Only by pressing a small icon can you see the true chances of tier payouts.

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