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[Game] Magicabin – Witch’s Adventure

MagicabinWelcome to Magicabin.

Here, you can create a wonderful home with creativity and just a touch of magic. Awaken your powers and start a magical life!

You can also adventure on the world map and search for secret stories that have been hidden away.
Countless treasures lie hidden in the corners of this world. Can you find them? Mount your broom and get going!

Game Features:

You’ll have your own fairytale home in a world of magic.
Freely arrange furniture with a DIY home builder. Every detail is totally in your control!
Embark on adventures to collect materials for all kinds of magical furniture.
Explore secrets to find hidden treasures and extraordinary furniture.
Meet witches & wizards full of personalities in delightful stories.

Email: magicabingame[at]

Magicabin user reviews :

So far the game is not bad. What’s crazy annoying is the controls. You’re scrolling trying to move from one area to another, and instead of moving in a controlled manner, it shoots you to the extreme edge of the map. So now you have to get back to where you were, only it shoots you to the extreme other end of the map. I’ve tried holding my finger still for a couple of seconds before letting go, and it still shoots me around. Serious problem…

Takes too much energy and it only uncover very little area?! It’s frustrating. Would be nice to have the ability to skip dialogues. Also, the game was running fine, then suddenly it just lags so badly that it’s too annoying to deal with! Have restarted the app and the phone, didn’t make a difference!

It takes WAY too much energy; 3 taps and I’m out of energy. I spend money on games when I want to (spent $1 on this one) and see that it’s one that I’ll be FORCED to spend more on if I want to play longer than 15 seconds. It’s a cute game, I uninstalled 2 others just to make room for it but it’s being uninstalled too. Very cute design, though!

This game is by far the best farming and exploration game I’ve ever played! I’ve become addicted and play it for 8+ hours a day! There’s almost no limit to the number of gifts you can receive from the owl in other profiles! Beautiful graphics and easy energy replenishment! Great job!

This game uses far to much energy on events. Clearing fog and grass nd stone. By the time you get to the object you need all your energy is gone. And even the dragon requires alot of items some of which you can’t complete. Might uninstall as this game is all about the money to purchase Energy which I won’t do.

It’s super cute, n it’s the only other one I play besides Family Island. I really enjoy the decorating along with the challenges. My only problem is that u shouldn’t have to clear 4 or 5 things JUST to move forward.

it’s a lot of fun and addicting. love the graphics. it’s easy and challenging and passes the time.

only at level four, will update again. Absolutely love this game thus far. No ads, I haven’t run out of energy, interesting storyline and gameplay. High hopes for this game.

only been playing a few days, but so far it’s good! love that there are no ads!! BIG plus for me. easy to play.

It’s good, but I can’t claim the rewards for playing the cat game and the rewards are a bug part of getting energy

I like it very much.. but the prob is.. it’s always logging its so annoying to play when it becomes like that…

Please add opportunity to speed up ALL crops with one button, not just only one!!

Love it just not enough ways to earn coins and to little energy but I still love it

Love the game, but it takes so long to build anything. If it wasn’t for that I’d have given you a five.

Love this game so far Enjoyable story line and fun to play.

it’s relaxing so far, but I’m not a fan of the energy based part of it. Otherwise it’s a good game.

I love it so far, It’s very enjoyable. a fun little game

give it 5 star cuz the name of the dragon same as mine

Latest Update :

Egg Garden will be available soon!
Introducing new Egg Furniture!
New Language:Spanish

Contact developer :


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